Facebook and Twitter Metrics to Track in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook and Twitter Metrics to Track in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Facebook Like  reaction button on Facebook is probably the most monitored by users, whether managing a personal account or running a business page. While other reaction buttons such as sad, haha, wow, love and angry get second attention along with the trailing comments. Twitter users, on the other hand, watch the number of retweets and followers they get. But do the number on social media platforms justify the success of your business? Let’s take some insights from experts.

Socialmediaexaminer lists some Facebook and Twitter metrics to track for 2018:

Facebook and Twitter Metrics to Track in 2018


Track your FOLLOWER growth

Optimal Time For Engagement

Track Likes and Reactions to your Posts

Delve Into Audience Demographics

Determine Reach

Review Replies and Comments

Track Referral Traffic

  1. Find referral traffic data in Google Analytics
  2. Click on the social top-level menu
  3. Click Overview or Network Referrals

Examine click rates

Facebook & Twitter

  1. Go to Posts in the Insights tab to find the number of post clicks for each individual posts
  2. Go to Actions on Page
  3. See click counts for various elements

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