Finding and Reaching the Right Buyers for your ERP Software

Finding and Reaching the Right Buyers for your ERP Software

Finding the best-fitting running shoe isn’t always easy. To ensure you walk out with active feet, you need to ensure the shoe fits properly from heel to toe.

This is how you will find the right buyers for your ERP Software – requires a process to ensure that you have the right target and the right product to offer :

Value Proposition

Know your product and what it can do for your target customers. Be the subject matter expert on your product. Know and understand the numerous components, functions, and deployment options.

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Solutions to Customer Pain Points

It is also important for your targets will be made to understand that your ERP software will streamline and improve the efficiency of their operations, and will save them time and money. Furthermore, never miss out on this point: standardize and automate many business processes to eliminate manual effort.

Customer Profiling

Profile your target customers: Filter every important data about them which will give you a clear picture of who they are and their buying behaviours. Most important is, to probe the business need as this shall give you a concrete idea of the solution structure that you will provide them.

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Understanding Your Customers’ Needs and Risks

Also, know what your customers want not only for the product you offer but also what they are looking for from a provider. Every new investment comes with a risk. Your customers understand this, but since ERP system offers a single repository for company-wide data that is accessible to everyone, they would definitely want that the risks associated with working with distinct systems and data like potential errors or duplicating business functions in different departments, can be reduced.

Are you the Right Provider?

Big companies want to implement a single ERP system that can take the place of these earlier systems, and which can also get rid of the operational ineffectiveness and time delays.

Different Customers, Different Requirements

Midsize businesses want the same advantages, too; however, a way to level the playing field with their larger competitors. These companies may choose to select an ERP system that can pace up with business processes as they grow.

The Scale of the Job

Also, get to know if your customer would want you to run the system and at the same time provide business ERP consulting, specifically for vendors known as software as a service, or SaaS. In some cases, companies may opt to require a hybrid approach to ERP, having some systems run in-house while others run in the cloud.

Lastly, make sure that your ERP software fits the company’s existing operations and systems, being able to deliver key performance and profitability goals that the company’s existing systems are not capable of.

Finding the right buyers for your ERP software would first require you to first have the right knowledge about your target customer – company size and business need; thus having these data will enable you to customize the best fitting ERP software solutions for their business to run.

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