Five Marketing Myths That Mess Up Your Lead Generation

Five Marketing Myths That Messes Up Your Lead Generation

If we look at how businesses operate here in the Southeast Asian region, especially those in the IT sector, you might say that B2B lead generation campaigns have not changed at all. Sure, the way we do it may have changed, but the need to generate more sales leads for your business remains the same. And while we are at it, we would be planning ahead with regards to our marketing campaigns, and ensuring that our work really gets us to our goals. Now, the funny part here is that we are often guided in our work by our beliefs. But what would happen if what we believe in are just myths? Would that not mess up the way we handle things? If that is the case, then we should eliminate these myths. Myths such as:

  1. It is all strategic – think of this as long-term plans meant to bring you the B2B leads you are after, but are actually nothing more than experiments on what to do and what not to do. More often than not, this will just lead you to failure. You should try avoiding that. Actually, if you really want a solution in marketing, you should take a tactical approach, more akin to reacting to what market trends and tastes dictate.
  2. Marketing is sales – while, at first glance, this makes sense, in actuality, this is also a mistaken belief. Marketing teams do not bring in the money, sales teams do that. Marketing is all about the analysis and formulation of plans, sales handles the actual implementation. If you want to truly get good results for your marketing campaign, focus on sales. Marketing will pick it up from there.
  3. Marketering is all about the selling – again, another misguided observation. To tell you the truth, marketers rarely do the selling. They are just there to create the tools and processes that enable sales to do their job right. Most of the time, they actually end up producing the wrong tools, or ones that perform sub-par. Still, it cannot be denied that they are what you need in working on winning more sales leads in your telemarketing campaigns.
  4. Brand is everything – it may sound sensible in today’s brand-conscious market, do people really worry about the brand of what they buy? Most of the time, all they care about is whether this is cheap enough and good enough to solve the need at hand. If your business can provide something like that, then you can be sure that your customers really will come. All the better for your B2B appointment setting efforts.
  5. The future can be predicted marketing – to be honest, no one knows what the future will bring, and even if marketing can have a more accurate picture, it is still pretty much an unknown factor. The best you can do is to prepare for any eventuality, and deal with it quickly.

If you can get rid of these erroneous thoughts, then the better your B2B lead generation campaign will be.

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