4 Stumbling Blocks to Lead Generation through Content Marketing

4 Stumbling Blocks to Lead Generation through Content Marketing

What could stop a marketing team from gaining success in posting content online as a means of generating leads for their business?

Well, there are tons of barriers that could determine the fate of a content marketing campaign. It may seem very simple to carry out from the surface, but it actually entails a team to have a lot of understanding, careful planning, and concrete execution to pull off such a feat, not just for the sake of doing it, but to generate sales income from it as well.

There are basically 4 stumbling blocks that marketers. need to conquer:

Not enough time

Yes. It may sound very silly for a marketing team to claim they have “no time”, but it won’t be as silly once you get to know the ins and outs of content creation, distribution and monitoring. For content to be effective, there should be a balance of strategic timing and relevance so that the chances of your content getting found, read, shared and taken action upon would increase, resulting to more leads.

Not knowing what type of content to produce

Most of the time, people will not go to your blog and browse through the different topics you have in store for them. They usually stumble upon your blog through search using relevant keywords. So that means you don’t just produce content about anything under the sun. You need to directly cater their needs by dwelling on topics that they frequently search about.

Not fully understanding the audience

Writing about what’s important to them isn’t enough. Readers don’t just look for information to know information. They are looking for solutions. They are looking for innovations. They are looking for things that are useful to their business. Don’t just lecture them. Enlighten, edify, and educate.

Not knowing the role of content in your overall marketing strategy

Content production and distribution are vital cogs in the online marketing lead generation machine. As a content marketer, you should be aware of what exactly it brings to the table, and how a single wrong action could affect the entire strategy. There should be consistency from the phase where content is conceptualized and created, up to the time when actions are converted into progressing leads.