Generate More B2B Leads, The Game Of Thrones-style

Generate More B2B Leads The Game Of Thrones style

HBO’s epic TV series The Game of Thrones is one mean package. Now in its third season, the series chronicles the fight between seven noble families to gain control of the land of Westeros. Considering the huge number of viewers, HBO sure has a real money-maker in their hands. But what made the show so successful? What can we, as marketers, learn from it? Can we apply it in our own lead generation campaigns? We could glean important lessons on how to best generate B2B leads, like the ones I have pointed out below;


  1. Start with a clear goal – the show’s producers had one aim in mind: grow the franchise by appealing to the current fans, and then expand it to other viewers through increased interaction. Sounds a bit straightforward, right? But it sure did succeed, considering the number of viewers.
  2. Proceed with the right strategy – The Game of Thrones did it with social media, and it worked well with them. In your case, you have to choose the tool that will maximize impact on the audience. If telemarketing gets you the business, then stick with it.
  3. Partner with different platforms – once you have your aim and selected a strategy, you need to work on the platforms in which you wish to talk to customers. For example, in the case of telemarketing, will it be outbound or inbound; surveys or promotions, and the like?
  4. Promote with right timing – the earlier you spread the word, the greater the attention it garners from the audience. If you have to conduct an appointment setting campaign, do it now, and you will increase your chances of bagging potential sales leads.
  5. Adapt with the insights you gain – from the fan art and inputs, HBO was able to formulate effective marketing tactics, further increasing the fan base. You can do that as well, by studying how the market reacts to your marketing strategies.


Interesting lessons, right? What other lead generation lessons from The Game of Thrones can you add?