How to Generate Software Sales Appointments in Singapore (and APAC)

How to Generate Software Sales Appointments in Singapore (and APAC)

It is undeniable that appointment setting is still one of the most powerful ways to generate a steady stream of verified leads for tech startups and software companies.

However, there are still a lot of ways that marketers can improve their practices.

In this guide, we look at how software companies in Singapore can supercharge their efforts using these simple hacks.

Invest in Research and Data and Employ Advanced Segmentation

No matter how good the offer is, using a basic script will not cut it anymore. Standard scripts don’t solve highly specific problems, sound relational, and don’t have a chance to resonate with a prospect.

One way to create powerful sales scripts is to personalize them, depending on the prospect’s customer profile. This is done through heavy research before even picking up the phone.

Lead generation efforts shouldn’t just be concentrated on pulling up contact details, but rather on hard data and other supplementary information.

The proper way to run a personalized appointment setting campaign is to:

  • Determine customer profiles
  • Build contact lists that are supplemented with additional data based on the customer profiles
  • Segment these lists based on demographics and other information
  • Integrate customer details such as industry, tool stacks used, pain points, etc. into scripts

By doing this, appointment setters can develop advanced scripts that mention pain points, tools being used, etc., in their scripts and create richer conversations with prospects.

Switch Up The Timings

Decision-making units (DMUs) don’t always follow normal Singaporean office hours. There are often stories and real-life examples of decision-makers working past office hours or clocking in before everyone else.

Switching up timings allow you to catch the prospect at more comfortable times where their normal workloads do not burden them during office hours. It’s also a fresher take on appointment setting.

Multichannel Outreach is the Way to Go!

Software companies shouldn’t limit their appointment setting to calls. Companies should always leverage multi channel outreach.

An appointment can be followed up with an email or even a quick check-in message on LinkedIn.

Adopting a multichannel approach allows companies to retarget their prospects, create favorable brand awareness, lead nurture, and connect with their clients on their favorite platforms.

Furthermore, it allows prospects plenty of opportunities to connect and engage with your brand, regardless of the platform they’re on.

Create Options for Appointment Setting in Your Landing Pages

There are many third-party applications such as Calendly that allow marketers to insert a link for prospects to book an appointment on landing pages or even emails.

This serves as a convenient way to turn any web resource into a passive lead generation tool that increases the number of ways a prospect can book an appointment.

Firms shouldn’t miss out on quick and easy hacks, such as this, to take their appointment setting to the next level.

Turn it Into Sales Discovery

Appointment setting doesn’t just have to be about a pitch; it helps if a marketer can use the opportunity to turn it into a sales discovery call.

Asking the right questions allows marketers to learn more about a company and its pain points and it keeps prospects on the phone longer, potentially building rapport for the long run.

The more questions you ask, the higher your chances of success.

The process also allows marketers to qualify the prospects and check out which products are services are the best fit for their needs.

Give Them Options

Always take into account the importance of a prospect’s time. When setting an appointment or booking a call, ensure that the prospect has multiple options during the week and convenient ways to reschedule.

Nobody likes a hard sell, and by providing options, the firm comes off as both respectful and professional.

Don’t Set One Appointment

When done with the first appointment, ensure that another one is lined up for the next sales phase.

Follow-ups are critical in lead generation, and a lot of leads can be lost without a proper system in place.

However, if the feedback was negative, always keep the door open for future business to come through. Marketers can gain new referrals and leave the conversation open if the prospect eventually decides to buy from them.

Reach Out to An Agency

For firms that don’t have specialized appointment setters or startups without a solid marketing division, reaching out to an agency is a more cost-effective way to book leads and get clients through the pipeline.

There is no need to train new staff members, navigate through the process, or spend valuable time and resources. The company can concentrate on developing new technology while the agency brings in the leads.

Agencies provide specialized services, access to trained staff members, and help software companies access high-end resources at only a fraction of the cost.

Traditional appointment setting doesn’t work anymore. Marketing campaigns have to be constantly tweaked to keep with changing interests and differences in customer-behavior.
These quick and easy tips will help propel your company forward and add flair to your current lead generation campaigns. Need help setting up an appointment setting strategy in Singapore? Let us know how we can take you to the next level today.