How to Get Consulting Leads without Hassle: A Guide for Singaporean Firms

How to Get Consulting Leads without Hassle A Guide for Singaporean Firms

The consultancy industry is an important playing field in its own right. This is mostly because businesses need to understand how to deal with complex processes and come up with better decisions to address such subjects as IT security or financial management. Of course, these companies can’t handle the problem solving alone, which is why they choose to hire consultants to do the thinking for them.

Consultancy is still pretty much a significant component of business growth. In a LinkedIn blog post by Jeffry Graham, consultancy services are useful along the lines of supplementing and strengthening an enterprise’s manpower. On top of that, hiring the right consultant essentially saves you the trouble of doing damage control since you are able to spot issues early. A consultant will also provide the much-needed solutions to these issues through an objective lens, which is something you won’t be able to do as the owner of the enterprise itself.

These and much more are the top reasons why businesses seek consultancy firms in the first place. This also explains why the consultancy market, particularly that in Asia, is consistently growing, spelling good news for firms operating in the island-nation of Singapore.

In a 2016 report published by Source Global Research on the consulting market in Southeast Asia, firms in Singapore “continued to experience good demand for their services” amidst a robust growth figure of 8.5 percent for the whole region in 2015. This would include demands from such sectors as financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and education.

While this gives us all the more reason to look hopefully towards the future of the consulting industry in Singapore, the same report also points out that firms are still worried about “oversaturation.” At present, these firms are facing a shortage of the right talents who can handle complex administrative and operational problems. Other than that, the report noted increasing competitiveness among major market players.

With that being said, consultancy firms in Singapore should come up with better strategies that secure quality leads for their services. In that case, here are some of the most crucial marketing methods you need to apply.

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Build an effective mailing list

Regardless of the area that you are targeting, it is crucial that you identify the types of leads with which you want to feed your pipeline. Building a database containing the right contacts can help you become more focused on your marketing efforts. A successful marketing campaign is one that puts a great deal of focus on accuracy, which is why you should not hesitate to spend more time and resources on lead prospecting and creating a marketing list that will essentially help you achieve specific goals for the bottom line.

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Tap through social media

It’s quite unusual for consultancy firms to use social media as a marketing channel. But as far as getting more qualified leads is concerned, having a consistent presence on Twitter and Facebook can actually win over COOs who are looking for effective consulting services. Besides, even business leaders today use social media in order to scout for the products and services they want to purchase, so it makes sense that you secure yourself a position in social networking sites. LinkedIn, which is where consulting professionals such as yourself are found, is a good place to start.

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Using cold calls

Apparently, social media and email marketing are not the only channels consulting services can use to gain potential clients. If you are opting to win over bigger industry players, you can always use good old-fashioned marketing strategies, chief among which is cold calling. Telemarketing, after all, still enjoys massive appeal, especially among firms that want to build stronger bridges with other firms.

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Outsourcing your efforts

You can never go wrong with an outsourced lead generation campaign. At least, by entrusting your marketing efforts to a capable firm, you will be able to tap into better opportunities to grow your sales pipeline without having to set up your own infrastructure or building your own marketing team from scratch. And outsourced lead generation can actually help you manage your campaigns better. Singaporean firms know all too well that the market is increasing, and it’s high time for them to take action to improve their bottom lines.

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