How do you manage your B2B Leads? Consider these 5 Best Practices

How do you manage your B2B Leads- Consider these 5 Best Practices

Your team does not only need to be good at generating leads for your business – it also needs to know how to manage leads, otherwise all efforts would go down the drain.

It’s like a very proficient fisherman who can haul large numbers of fish every single day but doesn’t know how to store them effectively, which eventually causes them to rot very quick.

Lead management is very important because it keeps the leads ‘fresh’ and also has the potential to teach marketers how to ‘fish’ more productively in the future. Consider these tips:

  1. Don’t let a day or two pass before returning inbound inquiry calls. These prospects are most likely trying to test several other businesses and if you blew your chance by not following-up, you will never have that chance back. Delegate people to monitor inbound calls – as well as emails, for that matter – so a quick response can be made and to avoid wasting opportunities.

  2. Work through a solid CRM or marketing database. Face it: excel sheets are no longer workable when it comes to collecting, storing and analyzing every single lead you will come across. Make your life easier by using a functional lead management system. It’s a long term investment that, albeit costly, can definitely help you manage your leads in the years to come.

  3. Don’t just score leads for the sake of scoring leads. Use this data to predict future behavior and examine leads closely. And make it a strict scoring system. Make sure that leads are scored objectively regardless of which team member handled it or what the outcome of the lead was.

  4. Pre-qualify leads as much as you can. Why wait for the sales department to qualify (and, in most cases, reject) your leads when you can do it ahead of time? First, you need to make sure that you and the salespeople are on the same page when it comes to lead qualification. Then, save valuable time by submitting those which are pre-qualified.

  5. Maintain a constant, harmonious line of communication between you and your leads. Leads want to know just how special they are. Let them feel that by giving them a ring once in a while. Keep it at a reasonable frequency, though. You don’t want them to think you’re too clingy and desperate.