How B2B Marketers Can Leverage Micro-moments

How B2B Marketers Can Leverage Micro-moments

What do you do in moments when you are in a grocery waiting for your turn to pay at a cashier, in a restaurant for your check to be brought in or at a train station hoping for the next train to arrive sooner? I bet you are either browsing some friend’s profile pic on Facebook or googling for airline season travel packages during these micro-moments.

Micro-moments are the new breed of consumers’ spare moments utilized within a period while waiting for a certain task to finish, to learn something, do something, discover something or buy something via their mobile device. And research shows how smartphones have become an indispensable part of consumers lives:

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The curious consumer is research-obsessed who turns to the web for answers for every question that pops in his mind, the demanding consumer expects every digital experience to be personalized just for them, while the impatient consumer makes a decision faster than ever, and expect to act on those decisions right away.

This new breed of consumers are more curious, much demanding, and quite tougher to reach and pleased, thus compelling marketers to address these intent-driven micro-moments by constantly innovating strategies and for businesses to continually take their products and services to the next higher level, otherwise fail.

B2B marketers have their own share of the micro-moments pie: a VP for Marketing sits on a bench in an airport waiting for his plane to arrive, when suddenly a prospective client sends him an email asking a question that could factor their decision whether to accept the deal or not. This micro-moment now becomes a significant period as he instantly answers the client, otherwise, he loses an opportunity.

Successful brands are those who are able to provide their clients with the how to’s, cost breakdowns, feature comparisons, educational videos, product demonstrations, and other B2B needs during their micro-moments.