How to Create E-books that can Drive your Lead Generation

How to Create E-books that can Drive your Lead Generation

Everything nowadays is highly shareable. And we owe it all to the internet for allowing unbridled social engagement.

In the B2B industry, lead generation benefits heavily from this climate of increased sociability. For one, social media platforms like blogs are friendlier to your ROI than an outside sales campaign. Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can also be used for your demand generation and lead nurturing processes. Ideas and messages can be shared across multiple channels and networks.

This sums up the optimism that people in the lead generation business enjoy. But one fact remains. The viral potential of a particular piece of online content depends primarily on the way it is presented. B2B companies formulate, test and apply certain content strategies that facilitate lead nurturing.

If effective lead management is something to opt for, then e-books remain a good source for workable B2B leads.  They are effective in warming your prospects up for an appointment. Still, a great deal of effort has to be exerted in order to optimize that lead nurturing effect.

Here are a few things to learn when considering an e-book content campaign.

Be informative.

Content is all about asking what your audience wants. It is also about satisfying their wants. The trick is to stimulate their palate with a comprehensive detailing of your products and services. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to include every issue your potential B2B leads face. It’s more about presenting your own brand of solutions to them in the form of graphics and easy-to-read statistics.

Keep it simple.

E-books are way different from whitepapers. Shareable PDF files are not as technical as industry reports. Instead, they are structured in a straightforward way. Anyone should be able to read them clearly enough so as to understand your concepts for solutions.

Include them in your targeted emails.

For maximum effect, it is essential to include downloadable links in your email campaign. Your e-books require a delivery system after all. And it would help drive web traffic and sales conversions if you make use of effective e-mails for this.


Don’t settle with just one e-book. As long as your lead management campaign budget permits, consider creating a regular series. Also, consider providing your e-books with an urgent call-to-action for future inbound engagements.

Lead management involves a multitude of platforms and strategies to be effective. But it is obvious that the only way to draw B2B leads is to appeal to their understanding. E-books will continue to play a vital role in shaping your brand as well as streamline your revenue generation.