How to Effectively do Social Selling in APAC

How to Effectively Do Social Selling in APAC

Asia is home to the majority of social media users worldwide. Nearly 60% of those users will reside in the large area of the world known as the Asia-Pacific region, where more than 3.5 billion individuals will spend time on social networks at least once a month.

The domination of social network users in Asia-Pacific is nothing new. The rate at which the region’s user base is slowing down, though, is something new. Up to 2021, social network usage in Asia-Pacific has increased by double digits almost annually.

Through social selling, your company may focus on potential customers through social media and form relationships with a community of leads. When done correctly, cold calling may be replaced by social selling.

You are probably losing customers to rivals who are more adept at using social media if you have not implemented social selling in your funnel. But after reading this article, you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to make a difference.

How Does Social Selling Work in APAC?

To display your items on Livestream programs devoted to your brand, your major trading partner needs to have their very own presenters on staff. This might assist you in educating and converting clients who are already familiar with your brand.

Additionally, you may collaborate with influencers, also known as key opinion leaders (KOLs), to promote your goods to their audience and increase your reach. The same strategies that have been utilized to connect and convert clients in China may also be employed in South East Asia.

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Giving vs. Receiving

If there is a common theme throughout these social selling strategies, it is because adopting this mindset is the only surefire method to succeed on social media. Social media is mostly about exchanging material and ideas, thus in order to succeed, you must offer much more than you receive.

Make the bulk of your posts valuable by filling them with facts and advice that will benefit your readers. Spend a considerable amount of time discussing other people’s stuff as well as making insightful remarks.

Cultivate Personal Connections

Because of their mistrust or contempt for authorities, politicians, or the media, audiences frequently turn to social media. They have a voice on social media sites, where they may also develop bonds with their friends, neighbors, and the organizations they support. Therefore, the secret is to develop a more intimate relationship with the customers who provide you with their support. Why not publish pictures and videos of the staff at enjoyable outings? This would provide viewers with information about the individuals who provide the goods and services they value.

Your social media audience will notice if you genuinely care about their wants and problems. 

When there is a personal connection, there is more going on between your company and its clients than just economic dealings. On a purpose, social cause, or current fashions, both sides concur.

Maintaining Regular Engagement 

You must consistently communicate with customers and connections for social selling to be successful. Additionally, such encounters must be sincere and not come off as forced or as if you are trying to upsell. Engage your network in conversation and let it flow naturally to its conclusion.

It’s also crucial to consistently offer content and establish yourself as a go-to resource in your field. Offer answers, give pertinent details, share achievements, offer helpful advice, or engage in discussions about issues that are important to both of you.

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Don’t Forget About Your Existing Audience

It might be simple to ignore current clients on social media in the drive for new customers and marketing cash, but it’d be a mistake. Keep in mind that acquiring new customers costs six times as much as keeping your current ones. Even if it can’t be expected that customers who have previously purchased from your business would do so again, they probably will.

Ask deeper inquiries and spend more time cultivating connections with returning clients to make them feel unique. To learn as much as you can about them and to keep them interested, look through their social media sites and biographies.

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Strengthen Your Brand Discoverability

When you first enter a foreign market, marketing expenses for customer acquisition might be expensive. We advise building brand recognition in the target audience using social media platforms in order to advertise on the marketplaces for any firms aiming to go global through marketplaces. Livestreaming video may be used to market your products in a variety of ways, both to engage people who are already familiar with your brand and to introduce new customers to it.

Marketplaces in the APAC area have embraced live broadcasting. Livestreaming services have been built by various big companies across APAC. All of these companies reported increases in usage in 2020, notably during lockdowns when businesses were shuttered.

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When done correctly, social selling is one of your most powerful sales strategies.

If you aren’t actively searching for new customers on social media, you’re losing out on opportunities. As more people begin utilizing social media for both business and pleasure, this will become increasingly clear.