How To Generate B2B Leads In Singapore’s More Mobile Generation

How To Generate B2B Leads In Singapore’s More Mobile Generation

Singapore is fondly called the “Lion City” while others call it “Garden City because of its greening policy, populating the island with tropical flora, gardens and parks, but in the business sector it is mostly known as the “Little Red Dot” due to business potentialities it possesses that attracts many investors from all over the world.

In the recent survey made by Hawksford, a total of 16,096 new businesses registered in Singapore in Q1 2017. The IT industry holds the biggest percentage and with most headquarters inaugurated. This progress in Singapore’s business industry shows how fast businesses twist and turn in the Lion City which could be translated to how busy companies’ big bosses are, and maybe how time and chance could become so evading for lead generators like us. The old cliche “if there’s a will, there’s always a way” withstands but has gotten broader this time “if there’s a will, there’ll be multiple ways”, and one good example is the Multi-Channel Marketing.

The convergence of the different marketing tools and strategies is fully leveraged by many industries as they are able to keep hold of their target decision makers via the multi-channel marketing tools. Take a few, not so complex tools that work effectively:

Email Marketing

Each professional and business person has an email which makes them easy to reach and communicate with. This tool also helps marketers gauge the validity and accuracy of the email address of his target contact with the help of nurturing tool but marketers must not mainly rely on this tool, one also needs to observe business email etiquette in order for the program to work well.

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Content Marketing

This offers a broad opportunity for marketers to share a message about what their business can do differently to their target customers. I also project as an avenue to hear both their current and target customers’ feedback and questions that are important factors for coping challenges in the business.

Mobile Marketing

If your target decision maker is always on OOO status in his email or you always get a “will pass your message to him” from his office staff or secretary, then get hold of him thru mobile.

Social Media Marketing

Who dislikes social media? There may be few who are evasive of getting contacted via social media but there are more who are active and even prefer to discuss via social and professional media.


Classic and definitely still one of the most effective marketing tools. With the use of SMART Calling processes, you will get to speak with your target on the phone at his most convenient thus pave you the opportunity to know him better and vice versa. Hear his words, know his thoughts and grab the chance to answer his questions first hand, while you have him on the other line – other marketing tools may not readily offer such capability. Just make sure that you are fully equipped with product knowledge and right tools to help you.

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Singapore is bustling with new businesses and decision makers may seem knee-deep in work but this should not hinder us from hitting lead generation goals, and instead, drive us to explore opportunities by properly utilizing marketing tools and strategies to help us generate quality B2B leads in Singapore’s mobile generation.