How to Generate Quality Technology Leads from Singapore

How to Generate Quality Technology Leads from Singapore

There are a lot of ways when it comes to generating leads and finding new customers for IT companies in Singapore. Whether be it through social media, business events, email and calling, different ways are proven effective when it comes to generating quality sales leads depending on the type of business you’re into.

According to Hawksford,,

“The manufacturing sector contributes anywhere between 20-30% to Singapore’s GDP annually. The major industries include electronics (semi-conductors, precision-engineering, etc.), pharmaceutical, chemicals, construction, and shipbuilding. Beginning in the last quarter of 2007 and until the second quarter of 2008, the manufacturing industry’s growth was quite sluggish. The slowdown can be attributed to various factors such as the weakening of the US dollar, general slowdown of major economies and in turn, decrease in overseas demand.”

Among the industries mentioned, the technology sector is the most sought after market in this Southeast Asian city-state. But how can an IT company determine which method works best for them in finding new customers?

Before you decide whether or not to develop your own sales team or hire a third company to do lead generation campaigns to test different lead generation strategies and measure the results for you. Here are some of the best ways for a technology company in Singapore to generate quality sales leads.


Though getting hold of  IT people can be challenging. Calling is one of the easiest way to find qualified leads and convert them into sales. Why? You will receive immediate answers if the prospect is interested or not.

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One great way to get qualified sales lead is by word of mouth. Happy customers know what you are offering and they often refer to families and friends who are also looking for the same product or service as what you are offering.

Social Media such as LinkedIn and Twitter

Even though you are not supposed to do hard selling in LinkedIn, Mike Volpe, a CMO of Hubspot says, “Our customer research showed that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor to lead conversion rate (2.74 percent)”

Twitter on the other hand is used to promote products and services by utilizing “hashtags” for potential customers to find your product easily.


SEO is considered the best and the most effective way to generate IT leads because when customers are in need of any IT services, they search of IT companies in Google.

Hosting Business Events

Business events and getting more and more popular in Singapore especially when building brand awareness. Customers who are in need of any IT products and services often attend business events before making any buying decisions. Participating in any events such as tradeshows, conference and seminars not only promote brand awareness but also meeting other people and knowing all of the new trends within your industry.

When it comes to lead generation, attracting and converting prospects into leads is not limited to contacting them through calling or email. Once a potential client has expressed interest, there are other means of converting them such as lead nurturing and lead qualification to maximize the chances of the potential client and converting them into qualified and loyal customers for your business.