How To Get a Positive Response from Your Tier 1 Prospects

What's the goal of lead generation

What’s the goal of lead generation?

Positive responses.

It may not always be easy to get positive responses, but there are a lot of ways that you can improve your chances and your conversion rates.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at what you can do to make sure that you get better odds with your Tier 1 prospects on different mediums and how you can properly nurture leads to conversion.



In an email, personalization is key.

Your first step is the proper segmentation of your Tier 1 prospects. This allows you to create highly personalized messages that you can use. At this stage, you should be personalized by unique role and industry characteristics, if you can manage to tweak for certain personalities then you’re golden.

The goal here is to ensure that your messages are relatable so that they can resonate well with your prospects. Aim to create messages that connect rather than sell, provide value, and tackle their pain points.

Don’t just send one email out, but you’re also relying on a sequence to nurture the leads through your pipeline. Your sequences shouldn’t just be follow-up emails, but different steps depending on how they reply to the email before it.

Also, adopt an omnichannel approach so that you can use email as a primary method to communicate while other channels help with brand awareness.

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LinkedIn requires you to have some level of authority before reaching out to Tier 1 prospects.

This means your profile has to act as a landing page, you have enough connections/followers to establish yourself as a thought leader, and you’re active enough on the platform posting content that’s of value.

Once you have that in check, only then can you connect with Tier 1s or use InMail to prospect. 

On LinkedIn, your prospects have the option to check out who you are with a single click, and you need to give off a good first impression before they decide to react positively to what you have to offer.

When putting out your offer on LinkedIn don’t try the hard sell right away but instead, connect with them with the intent of collaborating or giving them a free audit regarding their business. Remember, even if LinkedIn is a professional platform, you still need to be gentle with your approach especially given that they are Tier 1 prospects.

However, don’t neglect to do lead nurturing on LinkedIn. Once a Tier 1 prospect responds well to your outreach, it’s time for you to start following up with them.

One way to do this is to take some time to develop conversations with them on the platform apart from the omnichannel communication that you should adopt elsewhere.

You should also be releasing posts and articles that provide value to these prospects because it indirectly guides them through your funnel.

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Reaching Tier 1 prospects via phone is pretty difficult given gatekeepers and being able to access their numbers, but when you do, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Do your research beforehand to avoid being labeled as a telemarketer who’s just trying to unload products on them. This means finding out who they are in the industry, how they function, and if you can, their corporate culture.

You want to start each call as a consultant and not a salesperson, remember you can turn this into a sales discovery call, but you don’t want to turn it into an immediate closing call unless the prospect starts pushing towards that direction.

Next, you want to practice active listening to remove whatever biases you have towards your prospect are replaced with real facts. This also has the added benefit of building rapport with the prospect and establishing a proper connection.

Continue to ask questions that get your prospect to do most of the talking, and try to attack their pain points from different angles.

Once you get towards the end, don’t end the call just yet without booking the next meeting where you can present a proper proposal with a concrete solution. Also, get their email – even if you already have it – so that you can send them a rundown of what you’ve talked about and continue lead nurturing on a different medium.

Also, send them a voicemail thanking them for their time with you. This helps complete the outreach.

Don’t waste your Tier 1 prospects, they are your warmest leads because they fit your ICP (ideal customer profile) and they might have already engaged with you in the past. You need to provide customized campaigns if you want to properly reach them.

However, beyond personalization, you also need to be relational with them and build an actual connection. Tier 1 prospects often end up being clients with high LTVs because of their inherent need for your solutions.

Make sure your prospect and nurture well, and if you need help you can chat with a Callbox rep today!

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