How to Make Current Customers in Singapore Renew Their Contract with Your Company

How to Make Current Customers Renew Their Contracts

Here’s a little trivia for you: Did you know that the most popular song in the world is not from your fave pop singers like Justin Bieber or Beyonce but from the big daddy animator Disney? Yahoo said the classic song “It’s A Small World” has been played more than any song in radio history for more than half a century.

I’d understand if you would disagree as you may have your own personal choice for the recognition but there’s something in the song that appeals to both young and old audiences that keep them singing it over and over again, like it’s buried in their minds that automatically pops up anytime they’d feel like singing.

Is that what you call LSS or last song syndrome effect?

Like the disney song classic, you can make your business have the same effect on your customers – it can possess the power to be the first thing on customers’ minds when they thought of purchasing and make them come back to you to renew the contract or even add or refer another business to you.

But what does it take to have that lasting marketing effect? Take a few notes below:


When customers shop around, they definitely have the need. If you’re dealing with a new customer, get to know them better first by understand their buying patterns. Do a customer profiling to identify the demographical and psychological profiles. This way you will be able to customize your offers and be able to present the best business deal to your prospects, resulting to customer satisfaction.

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Customers who have had the first hand experience of the benefits of your product or service will definitely return to do business with you again. Once you are able to answer their WIIFM (what’s in it for me) question, you are not only giving them quality service but you are raising the bar of integrity, and customer retention is achieved. Such will make them trust you and may eventually consider a long term deal.

The Three-Step Guide to Better Customer Retention in Singapore


If a customer has not been buying from you for quite sometime, that doesn’t mean that you should put them on the sideline. It would be best if you show up to them instead of waiting for them to call or see you at the store, and perhaps ask for their feedback about their last purchase. This could also be a good time to update them with the new products you have. Consider both old and new customers as equal priorities to make them feel valued.

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If you’re good at keeping your business at its best stature, you must do the same to your customers – nurture them in many ways you could. Promptly respond to their queries and feedback, update them about the latest product, send them thank you letters and be visible in their social circles – do all these via the lead nurturing process. Keep a steady contact with all your customers through the different channels that lead nurturing offers – call, email, social, web, mobile and postal mail. The lead nurture process runs on a tool that automates behavior-based actions like sending custom emails based on your customer’s query or need, and real time alerts and tracking of customer touch points for a seamless workflow between you and your customers.

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Getting a customer to renew a contract may sometimes require more effort than acquiring a new one, as current customers have points of comparison between you and other vendors, or they may ask you to redesign the workflow based on their experience in the previous campaign. The after sale result is a critical factor in achieving customer retention. How you made customers feel after they purchased from you have a lasting effect on them – it could either make or break the on-going business relationship you have with them.

Make sure that customer satisfaction is done at its best at all times from selling point A to point B, and you’ll definitely become popular among your target market and will certainly have that LSS effect on your customers – “last sale syndrome”.

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