Improve Your Lead Generation In Singapore By Improving Your Company Positioning

According to Brenda Bence’s post about making your brand irresistible in Singapore (Singapore Business Review), each brand—no matter how small—already has its positioning. What exactly is positioning? Well, it’s the perception of the general public about your company. It’s how your business leads view your business, and it’s important that the positioning of your brand in their mind is positive, otherwise you won’t be able to convert them into a sale.

Why is positioning important to have good lead generation and successful appointment setting campaigns?

If your company’s name is associated with a notorious reputation, no matter how large you are, it will be hard for your marketing people to get qualified business leads for your sales team. Your Singapore b2b leads will already be predisposed to avoid being associated with your company, and no matter how good your telemarketing scripts are, you will have a hard time changing this prejudice at this point.

While the general public is a particularly large segment to affect your positioning, your specific marketing niche will be a more manageable portion to influence. There is a tested and proven method you can use to bring your positioning to a more positive light.

If you want to get a positive positioning then make sure your corporate branding promotes this. You must never underestimate the ability of branding to improve your lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. It’s not just about a well-written slogan or an attractively designed logo. It carries the values, culture, and essentially your company’s entire identity. Identifying the gap between what you want your brand to represent and how your b2b sales leads perceive it and then bridging that gap is the secret to improving the positioning of your company. When you are united with your Singapore business leads in the positioning of your company, your telemarketing scripts will not only be better received leading to a more effective lead generation, but they will also be more willing to have appointments with your sales representatives.