5 Ways to Optimize Your Last Quarter Marketing Approach

5 Ways to Optimize Your Last Quarter Marketing Approach

Forbes cited five trends shaping the future of marketing: better data hygiene, successful content marketing, deeper AI integration, building brand loyalty, and the blurring effectiveness of display ads. This is a good reference for marketers in crafting a good last quarter marketing approach.

#1 Better Data Hygiene

Marketers must conduct data hygiene process to ensure cleanliness of data that is free from duplicate records, incomplete or outdated data, and rid of improper parsing of record fields from disparate systems. These problems must be addressed to avoid bad results like sending emails to the wrong address or the same customer multiple times, talking to the wrong prospect or business and contaminating the system with negative results like no answer, not interested or wrong number.

#2 Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing has become one of the essentials of business strategies across industries, but not everyone who runs a content marketing strategy gains favorable results. Content marketers must incorporate these key components in the process: understand and profile your audience, keyword search and integration, identifying effective content for your audience, choosing the channel to place your content, developing a brand ‘personality’, consistency, analyze results and trying out other or new technologies.

#3 Deeper AI Integration

AI key features streamline workforce strategies with business strategies, enables businesses to keep up with multidimensional pieces of training to prep for new technologies and embed optionality, lets HR and the workforce help to define the problem, solution options and workforce adjustments, and interrelate workforce strategy development building on worker engagement. AI can take on human tasks and may work even better in areas where there are a greater number of events or data points.

#4 Build Brand Loyalty

Marketers must be creative in building brand loyalty. There are various ways to be competitive at this but the top-tier includes maintaining your product quality high to keep your customers coming back, frequently and consistently engaging your target market via information and setting expectation, giving your customers the reason to choose you over competitors by giving out incentives and good deals, being keen on your competitors, adding value to customer purchases via complimentary shipping or discounts and showing appreciation through staging events and season greetings.

#5 Display Ads Effectiveness

Display ads are not that effective anymore as some marketing experts observe, but there is a number who believe that display ads are still an essential strategy to business. Setting precise campaign goals that include raising brand awareness, increasing email subscribers, traffic and sales; reaching out to the target audience by creating ads that impact their interest, choosing the right tools for campaign execution, creating compelling banners and optimizing your landing page are the winning display ads strategies for businesses.