Lead Generation Strategies for Accounting and Tax Consulting in Singapore

Lead Generation Strategies for Accounting and Tax Consulting in Singapore

Engaging prospects on a personal level is essential to any business, whether startup or stabled, big or small, business to consumer or business to business, to build lasting and trustful relationships and grow sales. This is why lead generation, despite its foes’ press releasing its death, continue to thrive and is still regarded to be one of the many ultra practical marketing tools in growing a business by most industries like accounting and tax consulting.

Lead Generating Websites

Alibaba.com, eWorldTrade, Manufacturers & Suppliers Directory, manta.com, DHgate.com are some of the top b2b websites. Although these are not fully designed to generate leads but are the best go-to online help for your clients to better understand your value proposition, download collaterals, and request information.

Pay Per Click

This tool is proven to drive traffic to your website, giving you the opportunity to choose your audience based on demographics (location, language, and device). PPC campaigns are cost effective as you only pay when a user actually clicks your link and can be set up to measure effectiveness to determine returns on your PPC efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

‘Google it’ would be the answer to someone who asks a question, and as long as clients are on their computer or have their smartphones handy, SEO tools are there to help. Search Engine Optimization tools let you perform keyword search, competitor analysis, backlink research, content research, page rank tracking, and backlink tracking.

Online Networking

Online networking can produce the reputation and referrals associated with traditional business networking. Expect to get results in proportion to the level of your investment of time and attention.


Long, expensive and time-consuming travels are off the agenda. A computer, internet, and substantial information about your products and services will get your message to your target audience free of charge.

Industry Research Reports

IRRs let you gain a better perspective and understanding of your market, identify potential threats and get you into your competitor’s world, as well as discover their strengths and weaknesses.


E-newsletters can get you significant number of leads and could be a great way to nurture existing leads in your database. It’s also a medium to disseminate information and offers for some firms. You’ll be able to build a subscribers list if you have quality content that would make readers look forward to your content, and not set them as spam messages.


People blog to express ideas or share information, but some do it to make money, build their network or gain exposure. Although blogging doesn’t generate direct leads, it is still considered by marketers as an essential tool in directing traffic to websites.