Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation for SAP ERP Solutions

Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation for SAP ERP Solutions

They say that SAP ERP buyers are the hardest to close a sale with. Well that may be true since an ERP is a business’ major investment, and it’s but proper for top-level executives to be cautious in choosing and implementing the best ERP for the business. Here is a short list of tips to help you go through generating leads for SAP ERP solutions.

First, Hear Your Client

Know what they need, what they want, then create the best project proposal that would address their concerns. Remember, you are not just selling a household appliance to the client, but an investment that would eventually become an integral part of a business. Focus on long-term impact.

Profile Your Target Customers

Find, profile and reach the right customers for your ERP by interacting with potential buyers. Research and back yourself up with substantial data as this will provide you with considerable insights into the ERP market and trends. Get to know the prospect’s buying behaviour.

Exemplify The Risks

The benefits are given, and no matter how often they hear and see the same positioning, they would always expect you to present what’s in it for them from your product. Share the possible risks of not implementing an ERP like utilizing staff to spend extra time on routine administrative tasks, persistent problem of wrong data entry and confining in disadvantage behind competitors.

Emphasize Cost Savings

Cut costs, maximize revenue, is what every top-level management wants to happen in a business. Highlight the cost aspect by giving sample data to your client; and that an ERP allows staff to work efficiently which results in higher productivity, leading to more profit for the business.

Show Streamlined Process

Not all the big bosses have the idea of how tortuous your existing financing, accounting and inventory process is. It is best to demonstrate how all these repetitive tasks put lots of time and money to waste, and how an ERP would change and improve the process once in place.

Describe The Implementation Process

Not everyone in the pack of executives is tech-savvy so explain the step by step process of the project implementation from start to finish, and even the after work routines, in case you need to do so. Usually, they would be concerned about the disruption of operations during the implementation process.