Lead Generation Hacks for IT Companies in Singapore

Lead Generation Hacks for IT Companies in Singapore

Tricks or hacks are cunning ways to outwit someone or something and are most commonly applied, but not limited to, practical and online games, but there are clever life hacks too like heating two bowls of dishes in one microwave or using binder clips to fix broken keyboard stands. Clever, indeed!

In business, in companies particularly, tricks or hacks or conventionally referred to as strategies, are skillfully learnt and applied to business processes in carrying out plans to achieve goals like profitability, customer service, retention, efficiency, growth and at utmost goal, Customer Acquisition which mainly starts with a lead generation program. Both quality and quantity of leads are dependent on the how (processes) and where (sources) the leads were generated. Thus, driving IT companies to discover and craft more lead generation hacks that would help the business grow. Take a look at some of them from Jeffbullas:

#1: Make use of the email signature space

A come on message about a latest post with a link to your blog is a sure bet to gain attention. Just make sure that your content includes an option for the recipient to receive future posts. Level up on your CTAs by including links that would lead to landing pages of Q&As, subscription or appointment requests.

#2: Bylines that sell

Share buttons will surely keep your post active but the action mustn’t stop there. Create a convincing byline that will move the reader to opt-in for future posts. Thus, you earn another active email address while increasing the chances of generating leads. Here’s a fine example of a Call-to-action we place at one of our blog post.

Callbox B2B Lead Generation Kit Free Ebook CTA

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#3: White spaces on your rails look neat

Set sticky widgets that roll with the content as the reader scrolls down for more information. This will serve as a constant reminder to them to click a landing page for an offer or a free guide. On either side, attach a photo that clearly represents you or your business. Oracle nailed it.

photo that clearly represents you or your business

#4: Post product videos on landing pages

It’s true that most internet users today are what we call visual learners – they understand a story, product’s use or a service’s process better when presented through a video. A 2-minute video of a walkthrough on how to play Pokemon Go would perk up your viewer to play the game right away.

By having a video placed on your landing pages, you’ll be giving the visitor an option for a quick scan of your service. Not all will be delighted to read a four-paragraph landing page but a well-crafted and cogent marketing video might do the work for you. 

Additional hacks:

  • Locate online groups of your target customers and engage with them for maybe 1-15 minutes a day and start posting witty questions or fyi’s, once or twice a day and eventually drive them to landing pages with CTAs like offers and subscription. See more of this lead generation hack from Noah Kagan of okdork.com
  • Never use the word SPAM if you want to increase conversion rates. For whatever reason, the word just has something that readers do not like. Learn more about this from Mike Aagard, author for ContentVerve.com on A/B testing conversion forms
  • Access Quora and search for topic keywords to get into relatable feeds.
  • Join the 60 million users of Slideshare and gain potential leads from visitors who find your slide presentation interesting and usable.

Before your dip your foot on your marketing ventures, be sure to know your lead generation numbers!