Lead Generation Strategies for EU Companies Looking To Expand Into APAC

Singapore, located in the heart of Asia, caters to the region’s fast-growing markets but also the rest of the globe. It also has world-class connections and well-developed infrastructure, making global markets accessible. It could be difficult to find time and assets to dedicate to your advertising strategies, especially if you’re operating on other aspects of the company that is more urgent, but if you’re a European looking to expand into a region on the other side of the globe, lead generation is important.

This article will discuss six lead-generating marketing tactics that you may apply. They will assist you in attracting leads to conduct business with you. Let’s get started.

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Why you should expand to Singapore

Singapore is Asia’s leading risk management hub. Its worldwide currency and derivatives trading center might allow international investors and dealers to easily manage their investment and trading portfolios from a single place. In addition to England, New York, and Tokyo, it routinely ranks Singapore as the world’s most busy trading center.

Finally, notably in the IT and financial services industries, the Singaporean workforce is highly skilled and educated. Singapore’s workforce is also globally competitive, which is a positive for foreign firms looking to develop their operations there.

Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Any organization may benefit from a smart email marketing plan. It may assist you in creating an online presence, increasing brand recognition, and attracting leads engaged in your products or services. Lead segmentation can help you enhance your sales. By sending out personalized emails, you will be able to significantly develop your business. According to surveys, personalizing emails helps firms achieve significantly greater conversion rates.

Tell Success Stories

Success stories are beneficial to both new and existing enterprises. You can publish success stories about how your service or product helped another client solve an issue. One strategy to advertise your business is to provide testimonials about how you’ve assisted your clients. It not only helps to advertise your brand, but it also has the potential to attract new clients who are fascinated by what you are offering.

Social media networks are fantastic for spreading your message. It’s never been simpler to interact with followers thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which all provide people a unique location to share their views and experiences. Although, with many platforms to choose from, you must exercise caution in deciding which is ideal for you. You’re looking for something that will help you reach the appropriate people.

Study and Keep up with Competitors

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Singapore is well-known for its business-friendly environment. Many corporations from across the world are opening new offices in Singapore to take advantage of the country’s economic advantages.

If you look to expand to Singapore, you’ll be up against all of these enterprises as well as flourishing local businesses. To hire exceptional personnel, convince customers to take an organization’s products, and create the revenues you need to succeed in this new market, you’ll almost certainly require professional assistance.

Make Gated Content

Gated content is a type of online marketing that restricts access to specific resources by requiring users to fill out a registration form. This is a technique for segmenting your audience and targeting the people who are the most interested in the brand.

It might be difficult to find the perfect audience for your company, but gated content can allow you to get started by segmenting consumers depending on their interests. If you don’t have any expertise in developing gated content, you could wish to hire a lead generation firm.

Appointment Setting

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Prospecting, setting an appointment, and getting a deal are the main processes of a B2B lead-generating campaign. Despite the importance of each component, only a small percentage of prospects would proceed to the purchase step without an appointment. Appointment setters are the people who gather, develop, and qualify leads, notwithstanding the importance of each stage. You may close more transactions and expand your business if you handle B2B appointment scheduling.

The Takeaway

Expanding to Singapore, especially from across the globe may seem quite intimidating at first as you have to take into account not just your methods but also your talents, the cultural differences, and language. Of course, all of these are a great factor to either making or breaking your expansion, but most importantly is that you know how to properly set up your lead generation strategies at the same time. We hope that this guide is going to help you as you expand your business to Singapore. They may seem simple yet prove themselves effective time and time again.