Lead Generation Tips for Singapore Distributors and Manufacturers

Lead Generation Tips for Singapore Distributors and Manufacturers

With internet as the main source of information, at least 80% of prospects go online when looking for a local service or product. Because of this,  50% of the sales process is considered complete even before a prospect answered your call.

For manufacturing and distribution companies, having more leads is important for the business. There are a lot of lead generation tips and techniques that you can read online. However, how sure are you that these tips are also applicable for your business?

As a salesperson for more than 10 years, I’ve handled different lead generation campaigns for manufacturing and distribution companies. However, in this modern world, I found out that having an online marketing campaign where you can be visible to your audience wherever they maybe are considered the most effective.

Here are the 5 lead generation tips that are proven effective for our clients in manufacturing and distribution industry.

Tip #1. Produce a valuable content.

One way to attract more visitors to your website is by producing relevant contents -blog posts, videos, ebooks, etc for your audience.  Content marketing is a good way to communicate with your target audience. However, it is not intended to sell or promote your products. Content marketing is more effective if you provide relevant information that your audience can relate into. Content is arguably the most important piece of any lead generation plan, Walsh notes. Online readers are typically attracted to sites that provide valuable content. Not to mention, content marketing costs at least 60% less and generates three times as many leads.”

Tip #2. Have a solid content distribution strategy.

If you want your target audience to read your content, you need to have a solid distribution strategy.

  • Make use of the email. Most marketers send out emails with clickable links directed to their recent blog post.
  • Share recent blog posts through social media – Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, etc.

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Tip #3. Have a mobile friendly form.

Now that you are driving traffic to your website, your next goal is to convert them into actual prospects. This time, you want them to provide their contact information via subscription forms. More and more Singaporeans use mobile and tablets to check their email or do their research online, having a mobile-friendly form is a good way to boost your conversions.

Tip #4: Add relevant CTAs.

CTA is a way of asking visitors to perform certain actions – sign up, subscribe or share. An effective CTA should be:

  • A popup CTA. They usually appear at the center. You can also put CTAs at the end of your blog post.
  • Don’t put too many popups. Limit only to 1 popup.
  • Use text on the button that describes the action. For example:

“Download the Ebook” or “Start the FREE Course”

  • Use arrows or images that pointed at the CTA to direct your visitor’s attention to it.

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Tip #5. Telemarketing

Never underestimate the power of calling your prospects. Up to date, telemarketing is still considered the fastest way of converting prospects into warm leads and gain exposure for newer market. Whether you decide to have your own team or seek help from an expert, many marketers and business owners use telemarketing to get more leads for their business.

Regardless of what type of industry you’re into, an effective lead generation strategy is all about being visible to your audience, attract them by providing valuable content, nurture and convert them into actual prospects.