Make A Good First Impression With Sales Leads In Singapore

Make A Good First Impression With Sales Leads In Singapore_DONE

That is the challenge that a lot of marketers in Singapore are facing these days – how to make a good first impression. Whether this is done through telemarketing calls or a face-to-face conversation, making the prospect think positively of you can make a whole lot of difference in terms of sales leads generated from your lead generation campaign. One wrong move, and your entire campaign can suffer a huge setback. But there are ways to handle that. Some are simple, some are hard, but the most basic ones are what you will find below:


  1. Be professional – remember, you are not calling high school friends or anything like that, you are calling business prospects. You need to give out a professional aura. That is one thing that prospects respect, and one that will help facilitate your work of turning them into qualified sales leads. Learn also to adjust your pacing depending on your listeners.
  2. Be authoritative – credibility is very important in this kind of work. A lot of appointment setting campaigns fail because they could not create a credible enough persona. You have to be an authority. And to do that, you have to study about your market well, know more about it.
  3. Be human – yes, the one thing that a lot of marketers still fail to perform. By being human, you give your company a voice, a personality, someone that prospects can relate to. No one wants to talk with robots. So put some humanity in your work.


Do these, and you will be sure to make a good impression with lead generation prospects in Singapore.