Ways to Optimize your Marketing List for your Multi-Channel Campaigns

When it comes down to increasing their sales margins, B2B marketers will need to make sure they have the right kind of people to sell to. In other words, they need leads that are likely to result in purchases. After all, as much as you want to focus on your social and content marketing campaigns, your mailing list provides your business with a roadmap towards increasing its ability to sell its products and services.

In fact, businesses could hardly keep up with their competitors when there’s a lack of a list of possible clients. What’s more, it’s essential for B2B companies to build marketing lists that can help them unify their multi-channel processes and gain an even greater control over the sales cycle across various lead generating sources. But more than building a large database of leads, marketers will still need to focus on making sure their lists offer high value and, not to mention, generate higher ROI.

In other words, quality should always be a priority if you are focusing on getting the best results from your multi-channel marketing efforts. This HubSpot article by Chelsea Hunersen makes a valid point by saying that optimizing your marketing lists (notwithstanding your email campaigns) is essential.

And as more companies are adopting multi-channel approaches in their marketing, a well-composed and, more importantly, a well-maintained list can bring in a large volume of potential customers. Keeping your list optimized can help you focus on core activities that provide the best value.

Here are some of the ways you can do to improve the quality of your marketing list.

#1 Make use of an effective lead management system

A marketing list can give out the best results if you are using the right tools for managing it. For this reason, implementing the right lead management system can help you streamline your lead generation efforts. Moreover, such a system works well in keeping your list aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

To make sure your lead management system works well within your expectations makes sure that it consists of a prospect tracking feature as well as other CRM options that can effectively help you zero in on high value leads.

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#2 Scrub your database clean

Over time, the data contained in your marketing list can deteriorate. Which means to say, the contacts in your database can decrease in terms of quality. For sure, contacts age quickly, and often times, businesses can transfer to new locations or update their contacts without a moment’s notice. Sending messages to these addresses can only result in email bounces that can affect your reputation.

For this reason, B2B businesses will need to scrub their marketing lists clean of invalid addresses as well as duplicate data that can mislead your email marketing and telemarketing campaigns. Using a data cleansing tool, these companies can increase the efficiency and accuracy of their marketing efforts, resulting in higher sales.

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#3 Improve your data validation

Whether you capture leads through cold calling or through your landing pages, you need to make sure that these contacts are the right people you are looking for. In this sense, it’s important to review the leads you have generated.

Anyone can sign up for a newsletter or a webinar, but if you intend on reaching out to these users without knowing they are the right fit for your products and services, you will be wasting resources rather than closing deals.

With an effective data validation process in place, you are able to populate your databases with only those contacts that suit your targeted audience profile. And speaking of profile…

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#4 Define your audience

The most basic and yet the most effective way to optimize your marketing list is to define your ideal audience profile from the get-go. This should be included in your overall business strategy. What’s more, defining your target audience allows you to maximize your resources, making sure that each lead you acquire translates to a sure sale.

In order to define the specifics of your ideal audience profile, it’s always best to work with sales. After all, it’s your sales reps that directly deal with potential clients, and they are the ones that should know which sales leads can end up purchasing your offers.

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