Why Outsourced Telemarketing is More Effective Than In-House Options

Why Outsourced Telemarketing is More Effective Than In-House Options

Telemarketing is still one of the leading lead generation tools that any firm can have at their disposal; it’s cost-effective, adds a personal touch, and delivers great results.

Some companies often consider building their telemarketing teams in-house to personalize their campaigns and save on costs but end up spending more than they anticipated.

In this article, we take a closer look at why outsourcing telemarketing is more affordable than building a team from scratch.

Training Costs

An argument for in-house telemarketing is the degree of control that a firm can get with their telemarketing operations because they can customize campaigns at will and train their staff in a certain way, but this can soon become pricey.

Training materials and the time spent on training can stress a startup’s finances, and even medium-sized companies will find the expenses to be a little heavy.

Outsourced telemarketing agencies already have a roster of trained professionals that can be assigned to your company. Most of these agencies will also allow you to customize your campaign to a client’s specific needs.

In-house Requires Management

A department will need some form of management to make sure things run smoothly, and this can soon take up resources. In-house telemarketing departments can requisition admins from other departments, promote from the team itself, or take on someone new.

However, these options aren’t exactly feasible because it costs money to hire managerial talent, and moving officers in a company can cause operational issues.

Outsourced telemarketing agencies come with management in-built to the packages that they provide to their clients.

Deploying Infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges in setting up an in-house telemarketing department is getting the infrastructure set up.

This is more than just getting the chairs, tables, headsets and computers to run calls from; it’s also getting the right can of software and VOIP platform that’s right for your needs.

The software has to be licensed out and usually comes at steep subscription prices, multiply this by how many lead telemarketing professionals you have, and the bills start stacking up.

Once the software and equipment are bought, there is the challenge of looking for a good space to have calls. Larger companies will need a larger lead generation team, and larger teams need larger spaces. Also, the area has to be adequately quiet to facilitate calls.

The physical set up including the software can quickly rack up thousands of dollars in costs, not to mention regular subscriptions and space usage.

Allows for Maximum Flexibility

Companies need to be flexible and adapt to the changes in their industry landscape.

Outsourcing telemarketing operations allows companies to be flexible with their campaigns. They can easily scale up operations without having to purchase any infrastructure and scale down should the need arise.

This minimizes the risk that goes with buying into new infrastructure and hiring new staff members only to have to realign if things go south.

It’s not just startups who need this type of flexibility; it also applies to larger institutions that need to adapt depending on their ever-changing needs. 57 percent of companies outsource so that they can focus on their core businesses. Outsourcing allows complements to the business to be added flexibly, without disrupting the focus.

Quick Deployment

Every venture has a deployment time that involves planning, hiring, purchasing, and the like, and the same applies to setting up an in-house telemarketing arm. The time it takes to set up represents sunk costs that can only be recovered over time.

On the other hand, outsourcing operations gives companies the option to quickly deploy campaigns because agencies will have teams that are readily available to start the project.

Creating something from scratch will mean forgoing the leads that could have been made if the campaign was deployed faster.

Access to Professional Help

Setting up a telemarketing campaign can be tricky, especially if it is integrated with other processes in a company’s lead generation campaign.

The great thing about outsourcing the process is it gives a company access to the latest technologies and strategies without having to look too far. Professional help coming from specialized lead generation agencies can prove vital to a campaign’s success.

Besides, the outsourcing agency always tries to make campaigns better for their client’s because it’s part of the service that they sell.

When a client is winning at getting conversions via their telemarketing services, it also signifies a win for them and continued business.

Bonus: Risk Management

Should there be a costly change in industry practice or technology, having a partner helps lessen the risk.

Both parties share the burden of adapting to the market, and this also applies to the costs involved.

This makes it practical to outsource telemarketing, especially for companies who are new to this particular method of lead generation.

Having an in-house telemarketing department might not be the most feasible idea for most businesses because of the high setup costs and the intricacies involved. Outsourced telemarketing still provides one of the most viable options for companies who want to get great leads today.