Outsourcing Marketing Activities: 4 Key Areas Best Left to Experts

Outsourcing Marketing Activities 4 Key Areas Best Left to Experts

If you have solid reasons to outsource your marketing needs like struggling to find qualified advertising employees or lacking the funds to hire full-time staff, then it’s time to decide. Below are 4 marketing activities your business should consider outsourcing:

1. Event Marketing (Pre-event and/or Post-event)

There is so much to do before, during and even after a marketing event, but getting everything checked on time is sure success.

  • Know who your attendees should be
  • Roll out a press release with members of the media to widely spread your message
  • Get social by utilizing social media networks to post updates and information about your event
  • Go Live. Aside from going live during the main event, they may conduct a live update on what’s been accomplished so far and to hype your audience’s excitement.
  • Create pop-ups and landing pages for easy tracking of who has received your message and who may have queries regarding the event.
  • Send message through email
  • Create FOMO (fear of missing out) via a very good content to get your audience more interested to attend

This visual guide lists down 25 must-track event marketing KPIs to make your event count

2. Data Profiling and Lead generation

An effective data profiling and lead generation program must utilize the following channels in order to reach out to prospective customers:

  • Email
  • Voice
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Chat
  • Website

3. Appointment Setting

If you think you are less skilled on getting prospects to say YES to a meeting , hire a provider who has the knowledge, right skill set and confidence to do the job on your behalf.

  • An appointment setting campaign must kick off with a customer profiling to ensure list of contacts is accurate and updated before being called
  • Multi-channel marketing process will help reach the right prospects at the right time
  • Offline tasks like reports and feedback about campaign status will provide you a clear picture of your campaign status
  • An open communication line between you and your provider will help keep a  smooth campaign flow
  • Service providers have ready options and alternatives which could easily address campaign challenges challenges, but would always take your decision as final.

4. Phone Surveys

Data is an integral part of a business. You will never know how you fare in the industry if you do not have the right information on your hands on who uses your product and who doesn’t, and why. Data gathering is done in different ways, but phone survey is the most utilized.

  • Phone survey is less expensive than face-to-face
  • Employs trained interviewers
  • Data gathered is more insightful as moderators can easily probe on respondent’s answers
  • Easy to conduct

Merely outsourcing your marketing activities would not guarantee best results, but having the right one in place will do.