Passionate? It Might Mess Up Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign In Singapore

Passionate - It Might Mess Up Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign In Singapore

Passion is good for your business in Singapore. Without it, doing what you do can be a pretty difficult task. Come to think of it, passion is what moves the world, redefining boundaries, and pushing people to the pinnacle of their capabilities. Consider the likes of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Steven Spielberg, etc. Their passion defined the success they are today. It is the same thing with your B2B lead generation campaigns. Being passionate is important for your sales leads generation efforts. But like all things, too much of passion can be detrimental to your marketing efforts. Instead of drawing prospects in, you might end up driving them away, which is, in no way, beneficial to your business. But what are the cases where too much passion is bad?

For one, you might ask for the sale too soon. True, we have to ask for it, but being hasty can be a really bad move. Think of it this way: your B2B appointment setting campaign is dependent on your ability to determine the right time to make a sale or to simply nurture the sales leads that you have generated. Too fast makes you look too desperate to sell something. Too slow, and your prospects will think that you are not interested to help them.

Second point is when you assume too much. While you might actually know a lot about your business and the industry in general, you can never be too certain about the problems and issues that your business prospects actually face. It might be a variation of the ones you know about, or it could be a completely different issue that your B2B telemarketing team has never heard of. You need to ask questions first (and good ones at that). That is how you make a successful deal happen: figuring things out first.

Third point, you ignore your limits. Be aware of just how far or how low you can go. It may seem so easy for us to fall into the trap of a ‘get this deal!’ mindset, but doing that may be the real undoing of your business. Remember, there is a limit to how far you can go. You might end up accepting deals that you have no capacity to handle. It could damage your reputation (due to poor performance) or affect your future sales capabilities (since you may have exhausted your resources), so you have to think carefully before accepting.

Lastly, you promise too much. It is good to believe in the capabilities of your company, but if you say too much, then you end up promising too much. Your passion in your company’s greatness may very well be your biggest undoing. Seriously, just tell your prospects what you can or cannot do. That will be enough for them. If not, then you might as well walk away. They will just prove troublesome for your business.

Passion is good, but only if properly tempered with reality. That is how you should handle business transactions in Singapore, especially in your B2B lead generation campaigns.