Reasons Why Sales Leads Leave Your Business

Reasons Why Sales Leads Leave Your Business

Marketing is no reassuring profession. Basically, you can do a lot of things here in order to generate sales leads, but there is no assurance that what you do will get you the results you want. Even when you already have a face-to-face meeting with prospects during a B2B appointment setting campaign, this does not mean that you will have the deal. A lot of things can go wrong along the way, and of these, maybe the most to blame could be you. Yes, YOU. You are the one variable in marketing that can mess up everything in your campaign. And do you know where you can make a mistake? It is in customer service.

Three Signs Your Customers In Singapore Are Leaving You

Truly, customer service plays a key role in business, be it in marketing or in after-sales. You see, when you make your customers happy, they become more receptive to whatever business you are bringing them. They are pleased with the service, so they expect that whatever you bring their way will also make them equally pleased. This is the nature of customer service, and this is the one that you cannot make a mistake in your B2B lead generation efforts. Do it wrong, and they will leave your company. But really, what will make your customers leave you, anyway?

  1. Deception – lies and dishonest practices may be able to bring you the results you want in the short-term, but this will certainly not do well with you in the end. Better be honest when you are going to sell to them, especially when it is through a telemarketing campaign. You have to protect your reputation and image, so you be honest.
  2. Rudeness – customer service is all about making your customers happy and respected. If you are rude to them, they will feel like that you do not value them. When they feel that, they are more likely to move to the next company that can provide them that.
  3. Incompetence – ever experience going back, again and again, to customer service, for the same problem? When that keeps happening to your customers, they become less satisfied with the level of service that you are providing. Remember, you are there to help make their lives easier, not more complicated.
  4. Inflexibility – overly rigid management rules, poor warranty terms, unchangeable old sales policies, etc. are just some instances of inflexibility that can cause customers to leave you. Now, we know that the customer may not be always be right, but you should know that you ought to heed their needs, to the best of your ability. Sometimes, bending the rules a little bit can help you bring the B2B leads that you need.
  5. Tardiness – be it in the delivery of products or service, or even arriving late in a meeting, can be a reason for your customers to leave you. You see, time is gold, and your customers value their time very much. Do not waste it.

As you can see, these are what you should be fixing if you want your sales leads to stay with you.