How Sales Development Outsourcing Can Get You Better Software Leads


Getting a consistent stream of qualified leads is critical for B2B software and SaaS, but sometimes doing things in-house isn’t always the best option.

In today’s guide, we take a look at why outsourcing sales development could be the answer your organization is looking for to bring in better leads and increase revenue.

Outsourcing Gives Clients Leverage

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is leverage.

Clients get access to specialized teams that already have the experience and tools necessary to bring in new leads and nurture them to conversion.

This is what gives a lot of sales development providers a lot of edge.

When organizations are trying to penetrate new markets or buff up their existing sales operations, they need experts who already know how these markets operate.

Plus, given that sales development and lead generation agencies maintain a roster of clients from almost identical industries, they can bring down the costs of expensive prospecting technologies allowing clients to access technology that’s too expensive to deploy for one company.

This creates a technological leapfrog effect where smaller clients can get access to expensive technology while only paying for a fraction of the cost.

Outsourcing Opens the Doors to New Ideas

A lot of companies often experience a rut where there aren’t a lot of new clients coming in or lead generation and nurturing have ground to a temporary pause.

This is normal even with larger companies, there always has to be some innovation to drive growth and at times bringing in a new pair of eyes always helps.

An outsourcing agency can act as a consultant and analyze where the company could do better, and what new best practices they should adopt.

This can lead to fresh ideas being adopted and allow teams to have a breather and start innovating once more.

Outsourcing Gives Clients Access to Experience

Creating a new sales development division in your organization or hiring new experts won’t bring in the same experience as using the service of people who are specialized in what they do.

Experience isn’t something that new hires or departments can gain with a workshop or a couple of seminars, it takes time and a lot of effort.

By buying into outsourcing, organizations also buy into the third-party’s experience and this can mean a lot, especially to organizations that are pretty new or just starting up.

This also gives members of the organization an opportunity to train and gain knowledge from the third party.

Outsourcing Allows Companies to Focus on Product Development

Marketing will always be essential to drive growth and revenue, but a lot of companies just don’t have the time or the money to devote valuable resources solely to marketing. They’re better off focusing on product development and creating new services to benefit their customers.

Outsourcing allows organizations to focus on what they do best while leaving integral departments like marketing to real experts.

Since outsourced marketing agencies specialize in bringing in sales, it gives organizations access to the best of both worlds.

From an economics perspective, this leads to specialization which is the foundation for maximum efficiency, and with efficiency comes growth for all those involved.

Outsourcing is Cheaper

Another great thing about outsourcing sales development is the cost savings that organizations reap.

A common misconception is outsourcing is expensive, but in reality, it’s not because it effectively lowers the cost of sales given that agencies are specialized.

Sales development is a highly specialized process that requires investments in software and infrastructure especially for firms who want to realize rapid growth.

However, it doesn’t just stop there, experts also have to be recruited, onboarded, trained, and familiarized with how the business operates. This costs time and money, and for startups, this can be difficult given restrictive budgets.

By outsourcing you forego most of the initial costs and reduce barriers to entry.

A lot of companies even offer DFY (Done For You) services that do all the heavy lifting for their clients.

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Faster Deployment

Since third-party agencies already have the infrastructure and the necessary experience, deploying sales development and lead generation for their clients is a lot more efficient.

This helps with clients who are looking for quick results or want to quickly fill their calendars with additional leads to feed to their sales teams.

There is no need for internal departments to spend time familiarizing themselves with new markets or training, as everything can be easily handled by specialists who have been doing sales development for years.

The main reason why outsourced sales development has grown rapidly over the years is because of efficiency. For a lot of companies, getting access to specialized services means that they can focus on their own specializations while a third party can take care of their sales development needs. This allows for better product and sales pipelines that are consistently full of leads that one to close making it a win-win for everyone.