Sales and Marketing Insights From 3 Successful Salespeople

Sales and Marketing Insights From 3 Successful Salespeople

Successful people are the ones who see, hear and feel things above the standards. They have the power to turn challenges into opportunities, and each declined sale, a learning curve to productivity. Steve Cody, Co-Founder of Peppercomm speaks of three very successful salespeople and how they learn, build and nurture customers.

Restaurateur, Massimo Biberaj, studies his customers through their eyes. Each night, he welcomes every diner eye-to-eye.

Biberaj said:

I read the whites of their eyes. It tells me whether they want another glass of sauvignon or to engage in conversation with me or simply to be left alone.

Biberaj emphasized that trust is important to a salesperson’s success.


Look. It’s simple. It’s the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you, yourself, want to be treated. If you do, trust will follow.

Wells Fargo Advisor, Steven L. Nadell, on the other hand, is not an email person but prefers to engage in a worthwhile conversation with clients face-to-face.

Nadell does not believe in pursuing customers.


I believe the best salespeople should be interviewing clients and at the same time, we’re having our tires kicked. I only want clients who want to be here and want to work with me.

Modesto G. Gonzales, manager at Garmany, a Red Bank, New Jersey, clothing store, is also an expert in in-person interaction, but more of ears-over-eyes.


When I meet a customer, I listen. I don’t try to push. My goal is to first establish a customer’s confidence by being truthful and honest with them.

Gonzales knows his timing on customers


I try not to call or text customers more than three times a year, but on their birthday or wedding anniversary, to let them know of a new clothing line’s arrival.

Here are some more thoughts from the three sales experts:


Be honest with yourself and the customer. I always ask the chef to eat his own food each night before I’ll offer it to my customers. If it’s not good enough for him, I won’t put it on the specials list.

– Massimo Biberaj


You have to truly love what you do for a living in order to be successful in attracting and retaining customers. Clients always come first. In fact, try to put yourself in the clients’ shoes and imagine what their wants and needs are. It’ll make you a better salesperson.

– Steven L. Nadell


Every one of Garmany’s customers is highly successful in their field of work. As a result, they’re finely attuned to giving and receiving top-notch service. If you can’t provide the very best service, they’ll find someone else who can.

– Modesto G. Gonzales