11 Sales Keywords and Phrases that Attract, Capture and Convert Prospects

11 Sales Keywords and Phrases that Attract, Capture and Convert Prospects

Words are powerful.

Many marketers and salespeople will agree that by just simply switching out a couple of lines of copy, you can make or break any campaign that you are running.

However, which words are the most powerful?

In this guide, the power of words in sales is tested through the exploration of various keywords that grab the attention of your prospects.

1. “Thank You”

People like to be appreciated, and sometimes it’s all you need to get them interested in the message that you have. The phrase “thank you” appeals to a person’s heart, and it creates a personal connection to them.

The phrase “thank you” can be used in subject headers or on display advertising for powerful messages that depict how an organization appreciates people.

2. “Save”

There are a lot of great products on the market, but a lot of decision-makers or DMUs aren’t making the jump to your product mainly because of the cost involved. Sometimes, telling a prospect about the savings that they will make is enough to get them aboard.

3. “Limited”

This particular word creates a sense of urgency for your prospects to act quickly towards an offer that you have. It also develops the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect. This effect moves specific opportunities in your sales pipeline faster since they are pressured to make a decision.

4. “Now”

Just like the word “limited,” the word “now” creates a sense of urgency and set the timeframe for the prospect. They are urged to act quickly and to prioritize your message immediately.

5. “Special”

The word “special” works just like the word “secret,” it creates the premise that what you are offering to the reader is something that you don’t contribute to anyone else. It allows people to feel like they are getting something significant.

6. “Secret”

It seems as if everyone’s been hardwired to want to know a secret. It suggests a feeling of exclusivity, power, and access to information that is not available to anyone else.

This is the reason why this particular word is powerful in getting prospects to look at your message. People want to have access to information that no one else has because it gives them an edge in their affairs.

7. “You”

A lot of marketers agree that one of the most powerful words that you can ever use is the word: “you.” The personal pronoun amplifies any copy efficiently by centering the focus of the message on the reader; it turns any generic advertising copy into a personalized message.

Creating personalized messages is one of the most potent ways that you can get through to a person. In fact, ABM (account-based marketing) – one of the most successful B2B strategies relies on personalization.

In fact, “you” is one of the most persuasive words you have in your arsenal.

8. “We” or “Together”

These two words emphasize cooperation between an organization and a prospect. The reason it works is that instead of emphasizing a transaction, it emphasizes collaboration and teamwork.

Your prospects know that they need to pay money to avail of a product or service from you, but by being able to rally them towards a higher purpose, you give them more than just a product but a solution.

9. “Exclusive,” “Members Only,” “Only for You”

People like to feel special, and by using these particular phrases, you make a prospect feel like an offer was made, especially for them. This increases their tendency to pay attention to the message that you have.

Remember, people pay a lot for exclusivity, and by giving it to them for free based on their relationship with your organization, you can connect with them further.

10. “Bestseller”

This is another word that emphasizes on FOMO. People do not want to be left out, and by labeling a product or a service as a bestseller, you create the impression that they need to have your solution.

11. “Tips” and “Discover”

These two words are powerful because they drive a sense of value in the message that you are sending to your prospect. They remind a prospect that they are getting information that is not available to anyone else.

It tells them that you are giving them an edge in what they are doing and that you are a knowledge leader in your industry.

A persuasive copy is one of the best ways that a campaign can be modified to make sure it is running at full efficiency. By choosing the correct terminology to use, a marketer can grab and sustain attention until the prospect is lured in.

Good ad copy and marketing content cannot be separated from high sales because they work hand-in-hand in capturing and sustaining interest. Once harnessed correctly, anyone can quickly and efficiently supercharge any sales pipeline that may have to go on for them at the moment.