Sales Prospecting for BI and Analytics Software Companies

Sales Prospecting for BI and Analytics Software Companies

Crafting an elevator pitch which you practiced for hours just to appear confident and knowledgeable before the prospect, though might help, may not be the best selling strategy these days anymore, especially when you’re selling Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions. So, what’s the best way to get your point across and win the sale?

Identify Your Target Market

Business intelligence and analytics solutions’ best market are medium-sized businesses with at least $50 million in sales. Such technologies are much appealing to professional services, wholesale and logistics, including manufacturing industries and companies that require visibility into financial market data using multiple currencies.

Identify The Customer’s Business Need

You just don’t sell any platform to any client as that will put everything you do to waste. If they’re the kind of business with a time-sensitive approach which requires real-time data in order to make fast decisions, and where every line manager ought to respond at once at every matter, then cloud begets the most advantage.

Provide a Holistic Business Package

Always bear in mind that your clients do not decide outright on an offer but rather gather several proposals from providers and choose which one would best serve their need. So make sure that your package includes all the possible resources that the business requires: data maintenance, hardware, and infrastructure, as well as infrastructure management and cost around security, storage, backup and recovery.

Know The Strength And Weakness Of Your Product

Be ready for any question your customers would ask, and the most common would be data security. It is best to provide customers with information and show them how you do the hosting. Bring the subject into the discussion table with company stakeholders like COOs and CEOs. However, if the big guys aren’t that tech-savvy then help them navigate through the system.

Expect Special Requests

If customers request for a specific location for data in the cloud BI systems, channel this via SAP, where the capability to perform when they need it can be found.

Prepare Add Ons

Customers would always get their money’s worth – extra services, freebies, etc. Wholesale distributors’ supply chain range from simple to complex. However, Sap is not tacked with the enterprise version into the SMB product but can be filled with Host Analytics or Arena to provide the same BI cloud product as that of an enterprise-grade.

Do An Extra Mile

Every time you sell a system to a customer consider cost vs value, deployment timing and functionality. It would also add value if you could provide a system that requires lesser administration and management.

Intelligent selling does not mean getting the customer to sign up and purchase your BI and Analytics Solutions but providing them with tools and systems that would take their business at its most competitive level in the future.