How to Seek Out and Qualify the Right Decision Makers

How to Seek Out and Qualify the Right Decision Makers

In terms of increasing revenue goals, businesses will need to make sure their sales pipelines are filled with qualified leads. One thing’s for sure, this is one goal that’s too difficult to achieve, at least for B2B companies dealing with a lot of marketing tasks.

Indeed, as 42 percent of businesses say their main challenge is to use the right strategies for generating quality leads, it has become even more essential for them to invest heavily on optimizing their lead acquisition processes.

The dilemma lies in the fact that buyer preferences change over time. Moreover, it has become difficult for businesses, especially those in Southeast Asian markets, to keep up with industry trends. While innovation is constant in industries like IT and software development, businesses will have to change the way they market their offers and get the desired outcomes to this end.

Come to think of it, the best way to move forward is simply to adapt to the times. When it comes to seeking out and qualifying the right decision makers for your product or service, it’s imperative to determine which approaches can bring the most benefit.

For this, make sure you apply these methods that will help you supply your sales pipeline with the best possible leads to nurture and to close.

Learn from the best

Imitation is a form of flattery. In the field of B2B marketing, you need to follow what your industry regards as best practices in audience outreach. To begin, you can find large companies which have implemented successful campaigns. Observe how they structure their marketing strategies, from the frequency of their social media posts as well as the lead capturing devices they employ. You can also adopt tactics that are commonly mentioned in articles by influencers. If a prominent personality in your industry endorses a better lead generation method, consider it as a best practice you can replicate in your marketing.

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Know your audience

Still, even if you apply best practices in your industry, you will still need to craft your very own approaches. By that, it helps to know what your target audience wants. After all, they are the reason you are in business anyway, so by knowing what they need to get ahead, you will be able to create more effective campaigns that will drive engagements and improve your conversion numbers. Audience insights reports are ideal for acquiring a 360-degree view of behaviors and expectations. You can get the most value from the intelligence you have gathered from potential clients.

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Research and Test

Creating an effective marketing plan involves a great deal of knowledge on which elements should be used that could result in higher lead conversions. You also need to know the numbers that will support your decision in the planning process. Once you have identified the most crucial numbers that will inform your strategy, you can then set your key performance indicators or KPIs. Use these as your benchmarks when testing out your marketing copies and graphics. In fact, do A/B testing from time to time in order to determine the optimum content elements to use.

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Optimize your marketing lists

Every opt-in or sign up is an opportunity for making a sale. Once you direct your leads to the sales pipeline and build an essential marketing list. But consider the fact that lead quality deteriorates over time, you will need to make sure your database is cleansed regularly to ensure that it’s populated by the right decision-makers. You can use lead management systems that have data cleansing features to better secure the quality of your leads.

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Outsource your efforts

Indeed, seeking out the right decision-makers and position them for an appointment with a sales rep can eat up a great deal of your time and resources. Fortunately, there’s always the option of outsourcing your lead generation and appointment setting. This will help you free up your in-house staff, leaving them with ample time to focus on closing deals and creating their marketing collaterals.

For this, you only need to find the right company to do the job of supplying you with the best possible leads.

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If you opt to increase your conversions by selling to the right decision makers, go for a firm that offers a full-stack CRM service.