Selling Your Enterprise Software Products and Services in Asia

Selling Your Enterprise Software Products and Services in Asia

The biggest and fastest-growing online marketplaces in the world are definitely in Asia, and the consumer’s online shopping habits are far different from those that are usually practiced in Europe or in the Western world. When you think about e-commerce business the thing that’s on top of your mind is definitely changing. There’s constantly new technology on the rise and more powerful tools are changing how consumers and different businesses shop for software, expanding their expectations of convenience from vendors. 

If you’re planning on selling your enterprise software products in Asia, here are some tips to help you successfully market your SaaS products.

Employ ABM

Account-based Marketing has made its comeback and is widely used by industries around the world. It helps you with personalization and nurturing your key customers and prospects.

It’s only fair to say that every industry and company you’re trying to appeal to is different from the last one. So, marketing without creativity is almost the same as driving with your eyes closed, and aside from just helping you nurture your key customers, using ABM methods will allow you to reach and focus on the right customers and not on ones who don’t bring any added value to you. Considering that you are offering SaaS, you have niche targets, so you have to make sure that your marketing is going to be as specific as well for it to be successful.

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Host Webinars

It goes without saying that webinars have taken over the marketing game and are by far the most effective way to real in leads. Bring your creative team together and come up with unique ideas for your presentation so that your audience will be left with an unforgettable experience. 

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For SaaS businesses, webinars are also a great way of creating reusable content across your different channels. Let’s say you put together an hour-long webinar containing all your original content around a specific topic or product or service, you can post the replay on your website or dedicated webinar channel if you have one. You can also chop up your webinar into segments and post them on your social media channels as bite-size educational nuggets for your audience. 

There’s a myriad of things you can do with one webinar at a time, so take full advantage of it.

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Empower your Sales with Qualified Leads

Highly qualified leads are everything. Having a proper sales database is not just important but also works wonders for your sales team. Being able to have all your sales figures, trends, and contacts readily viewable and available makes a huge difference when it comes to making sales. Provide your team with the right tools to nurture your leads and invest in outsourcing your lead generation. When you outsource your lead generation, the pressure on your own team for generating leads will be off and you can steer your focus more on selling to people who are actually interested in buying your product/service.

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User and Business Value in an Enterprise Software Sale

In marketing, it’s common practice to balance user value and business value. You provide free content or product features that benefit the user, but may not be so great for your company. On the other hand, charging for every single feature may be great for your business but decreases the value for the user. It can be a tricky trade-off but you can definitely find a sweet spot in it without compromising either. 

Normally, enterprise software products are mainly priced by either the user or the amount of usage whether that may be as a function of time or data. Now, whether you control how much your company charges or not, you can always grow the number of users or attract them to deepen their usage. 

Here’s a strategy to increase the number of users. Have a combination of top-of-funnel content marketing that raises your leads’ awareness of your product/service advantage with a bottom-of-funnel customer success marketing approach that supports your customers’ needs and therefore, deepens their product adoption. 

You can strike a balance between paid and free content in many ways. Ultimately, this is why freemium is such a popular model to follow because it is the perfect combination of word of mouth all while maintaining your business value for you to grow and continue improving your user’s lives.


If you want to sell your enterprise software products in the online marketplace giant that is in Asia, these are the top strategies that you need to remember to practice. If you have any more questions, we are always ready to provide you with more insight.