What to Look for in a Lead Generation Services Company

What to Look for in a Lead Generation Services Company

How do you find the perfect dessert for your coffee flavor? Here are some tips: espresso works well with chocolate cake, cappuccinos with ice cream desserts, lattes taste really good with cookies, cafe au lait pair best with coffee-flavored desserts, cortado with choco chip cookies, mocha with brownies, while black coffee becomes more flavorful with cheesecake. However, if your palate prefers another dessert apart from the above mentioned, go ahead and experiment. Just never do in finding the right lead generation services company for your business, otherwise, every dollar you invested will be jeopardized.

Here’s a list of what to look for in a lead generation services company:

About Us

If you are looking at a list of providers, peep into each of their website’s About Us page and look for:

  • what core services do they provide
  • briefings on their work processes.
  • you must find tenure or the number of years they have been in service
  • business expansion
  • number of employees
  • and the number of campaigns they have rolled out over the years.


The next best button to click is the Services page. Make sure that you see lead generation service or appointment setting when you land on this page, and which of course must come with WIIFMs in bullets:

  • Provide you with qualified sales opportunities
  • Help you reach and engage potential customers
  • Boost your conversion and close rates

Be able to gauge the company’s work efficiency via their website. Check if they have links to industries they have served, special processes, contact information and other services, or CTAs like booking an appointment, consultation, chat and request for pricing box.

In the same page, you also must see infographics of their their core processes and tools


In the Clients page, you’ll be able to get to know the service provider better by:

  • checking which industries they serve to see their market reach
  • see a list of specific, and probably prominent brands they have served
  • case studies
  • ebooks
  • demos
  • slides
  • brochures
  • videos


And yes, discover tips, tactics and best practices from the said provider by reading through their blogs. Look for someone who carries out different topics like:

  • what’s trending
  • lead generation tips and tactics
  • growth hacking articles
  • telemarketing tips
  • email marketing do’s and don’ts
  • social media
  • content marketing
  • news and updates

With the above checklist, you’ll certainly find the right lead generation services company for your business.

Now, settle down and enjoy some nice combo of a cup of irish coffee and apple pie!