Stop The Flu From Affecting Your Lead Generation Campaign In Singapore

Stop The Flu From Affecting Your Lead Generation Campaign In Singapore_DONE

If there is one thing that people in Singapore are terrified about, it has got to be the flu. In fact, so serious is this that those who have the flu (or suspect their officemates to have the flu) pretty much stays away from the office. Now that creates a problem, particularly where lead generation is concerned. In the first place, how will you generate qualified sales leads if you the people supposed to do it are not around? That would be the first thing that you need to take care of. And since this really is the flu season, you really have to make the necessary arrangements. So, how will you handle that?

  1. Plan on contingency roles – you need to plan the roles of everyone in case someone reports sick. This is crucial in ensuring that your appointment setting tasks function without interruption.
  2. Have an information drive – not that your employees are stupid, but it is advisable to remind them about the flu and how it is spread. This is also an opportunity for you to inform your people of medical services available.
  3. Use technology – if possible, you can arrange people to work at their homes, to minimize contact with each other. Some marketing tasks, like telemarketing need not be part of the campaign, so you can do this at home. When properly executed, you can still generate B2B leads this way.

Follow these simple tips, and you can be sure to have better chances for a flu-free lead generation campaign in Singapore.