How to be a Tech-Savvy Outbound Sales Specialist


Being a tech-savvy outbound sales specialist isn’t exactly difficult as long as you know what you’re aiming for.

In this guide, we take a look at the steps you need to take to supercharge your lead generation and ensure better relationships with your potential clients!

Personalize and Adapt

Personalize and adapt

All B2B sales have to be personalized.

This is why the ABM (account-based marketing) approach is the most highly favored strategy for all B2B sales.

It starts with determining the target customer profiles that you have and ensuring that you’re using the right tone to make sure that your communications resonate with them.

After that it’s adapting everything from the content that you send out to your sales discovery/triage call scripts that you’re using.

By adapting to your target prospects, you are more likely to make sure that your campaign does the job at getting them to convert and you get to understand them more.

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How Do You Fit in Their Ecosystem?

You have to do your research.

A lot of tech buyers will already have existing systems in their organization that you either have to replace or complement, and you need to know what they’re already using to find out how your specific solutions fit into the overall picture.

If they’re looking to replace a technical system with your current solution, it has to be worth it for them. The current solution that you propose has to solve more bottlenecks, create more opportunities for their growth, and be cost-effective at the same time.

If you’re selling complementary solutions to whatever they already have in place, you need to find out what apps, systems, procedures, etc. are going to link up with your system.

There are a lot of stories of tech buyers getting their hands on cutting-edge solutions, only to find out that they have to spend more money trying to get it to fit into their overall scheme of things.

Tech-savvy outbound sales specialists need to know their market, the products that their competitors are releasing, and what their prospects are currently using.

This will provide a lot of leverage for them to use when attempting to make a conversion.

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Sell to the Organization Not Just the DMU

Sell to the Organization Not Just the DMU

The DMU might be buying the solution that you’re offering, but the majority of its users are the rest of the organization.

This is why it’s critical that the sale is not focused on converting the main decision maker, but rather the entire organization.

To do this, outbound sales specialists could speak with marketing to retarget other members of the organization that you’re trying to get at. Whether it be through brand awareness campaigns or full on marketing campaigns, they need to be in on the action.

Also, think about it this way, the more you target the organization, the more likely it is that there will be internal talks where they can help you sell.

They could speak with the DMU regarding your solution and how it can benefit them.

It doesn’t just end there.

Take it a step further when you speak with the DMU and focus on the benefits it has for the teams that are going to be relying on your tech solution. Appeal to their leadership role and tell them how it will make lives better.

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Get Technical

If you want to be tech-savvy, you’ve got to be technical.

It’s true that most decision-making tech buyers aren’t going to want to hear about the technical side, but for those that do, preparation is key.

This doesn’t just mean knowing the ins-and-outs of your product, but it also means knowing how you stack up against the competition and the future benefit of your tech.

Now, sales specialists can take this a step further and offer to provide a demo to the technical teams that will be implementing the solution. This is a common B2B technique that allows an organization’s own teams to do the selling on behalf of you, provided that you have a good solution that’s worthy of their time.

Make Your Follow Ups Worth It

Don’t just follow up with your tech buying prospect, you need to send them follow ups that they can do something with.

Concentrate on adding value to your follow ups by providing them with content that is actionable and useful to their business.

For example, if you’re going to send them an email make sure you’ve attached a case study that references another company in the same industry. Then, you can hit them up with a voicemail referencing this email.

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At the end of the day, it’s all about making great connections with your prospects.

You need to understand them, know what their pain points are, and provide them with enough value to buy into your solution.

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