Why Telemarketing Brings In More Qualified Leads

Why Telemarketing Brings In More Qualified Leads

If you visit the Jobstreet website and filter your job search Telemarketing you will find more than half a thousand jobs are available, daily. This means that telemarketing has kept its popularity level despite the apparent expanse of digital marketing strategies like mobile, email, content and social media.

Of course, we’d like to give credit to new technology. In fact, these digital marketing tools largely contribute to the businesses’ goal achievement as their effectiveness are specific and measurable. See how they fare:

Mobile Marketing

Who doesn’t have a mobile phone these days? Statistics show that there are about 4.41 million smartphone users in Singapore this 2018 and is expected to surge to 4.82 by 2022. (Statista)

A large scale of this data comes from the business category.

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Email Marketing

Singaporeans are more confident to engage with personal advertising via email. In fact, they sign up largely on emails (62%) over other media like SEO (47%), social networks (46%) and online banner (38%); checking their emails at least once per week. This is a good reference on how to quickly generate leads in Singapore.

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Content Marketing

Globally, 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. Customers have become more curious about what more a product can offer aside from its usage, price, and effect. (MarketingProfs)

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Social Media Marketing

Singapore’s top brands rely much on social media. The top five industries that utilize facebook are Services, Retail, E-commerce, Retail Food, and Accommodation. The Shilla Duty-Free has the most number of interactions, while Singtel is the most responsive. (Socialbikers)

But where does telemarketing come in the picture?

But where does telemarketing come in the picture

Statistically, telemarketing comes less familiar to digital; indeed, the very word itself may connote a negative meaning or impression to end users. What’s worse is some marketing specialists claim that they are now fully engaged with digital innovations and even declared telemarketing dead.

However, what they have not realized is that these digital marketing tactics are just start points of the holistic lead generation process which would lead them to the capping stage – telemarketing. 

A Visual Guide to Telemarketing Performance Metrics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Take a look…

A lead that was generated from any of these digital marketing channels remains as is until it goes through customer profiling to validate information, and accuracy of demographic and psychographic data of the prospect. Data that were filtered with positive results would then be the qualifying factors for the prospect to become a candidate for gauging interest which is done via calling. A prospect that was confirmed as interested and identified that has a need of the product or service is then fully classified as a Qualified Lead. Note that this whole process is done by calling, talking to the prospect on his landline or mobile phone which either way, by the way, is still called “telemarketing”.

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In conclusion, leads generated from digital marketing tactics can only be classified as Qualified Leads once gone through the final stage of the whole lead generation process which is Telemarketing.

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