Tips On Answering B2B Lead Generation Queries In Singapore

tips on answering B2B Lead generation queries on Singapore

That customer callback may be the most anticipated call of B2B lead generation specialists, but answering those odd or unique queries that potential sales leads give out can be a tricky task. You do not want to offend, that is the truth, but you might find yourself puzzled at how to best answer these questions. Too bad, there are no fast or clear-cut solutions for this. Each question or concern requires a unique reply. So, how will you deal with this? Well, there are several ways to do that, most which leans on the negative. But mind you, if you can follow the best practices that are given below, then you have very little to worry about in your B2B appointment setting process.

  1. Listen carefully – this rarely happens, but some business prospects intentionally sound stupid just to check if you are actually listening. Usually, these people know what they need already and what you can provide them. They just wanted to know if your B2B telemarketing team is involved in the conversation.
  2. Apologize properly – in those rare instances where you are called back by a prospect that have been an unhappy customer, you should immediately apologize for whatever poor service you have provided in the past. Fib it up, like selling immediately, will only rub more salt in the wounds.
  3. Consider the question seriously – there are times that the funny question a prospect posted to you may not actually be a funny question to them. Remember, each business is unique, and they may really have issues that may look odd for your people. Even so, make an effort to solve the issue. You might have just the answer they are looking for.
  4. Keep calm and stay on – while this usually applies in customer service, there is a chance that you receive an occasional irate, frustrated, or just plain angry caller. When that happens, stay calm. Apologize for the inconvenience and, if possible, transfer the call to the right department.
  5. Give your best answer – the success of your B2B lead generation efforts will depend on just how good is the solution you are offering your prospects. The reason why some marketers fail in their campaigns is because they fail to consider what their prospects is looking for, which leads to the wrong solution being provided.
  6. Be ready to accept all calls – okay, you do not have to be manning the phones twenty-four hours a day, but you can set up a system where your prospects in Singapore can get the answers they need even without calling, for example, your company website, blogs, even your pages on Twitter or Facebook.
  7. Stay honest – there will be questions that you will not be able to answer, or is simply just too weird for you to handle. In those cases, just be honest with your B2B leads prospects. Tell them that you have your limit. You can also offer to look up their questions so that you can call them back with the answer.

Do these tips, and rarely will you get problems in answering B2B lead generation queries of prospects in Singapore.