Top Goals You Should Set When Outsourcing Your Lead Generation


Partnering with an outsourced B2B lead generation team is a big decision that cannot simply be made overnight. By hiring a lead generation team, you’re letting an outside team inside your operations and giving them access to your data and analytics. So, it’s only fair that your goals are made known to your future partner. 

Before you scout for your possible lead generation candidates, you want to make sure that you have set concrete goals for yourself. Below, we’ve listed our top goals that every company should consider before hiring a team.  

Industry Proficiency

Proficiency is one of the top things you want to set your eyes on when going on your B2B lead generation journey. You should set your expectations for your lead generation team to have an in-depth understanding of not just how to do lead generation but more importantly of your industry in order to set high-quality appointments. 

You want to work closely with your lead generation team in order to educate them about your industry, what past experiences you might have had, what you expect when you partner with them, and how you can do things differently together. In order for them to achieve the proficiency that you want, you have to diligently provide them with case studies of your own or intensive educational trainings to ensure that your team will meet your expectations.

Business Relationships

Although part of what you want to achieve with lead generation is closing sales and consistently filling your funnel, you also want to make sure that you build lasting business relationships with your leads. You have to continuously nurture them even after they’ve converted into sales. 

As much as possible you want to connect with them. Given the global climate we are in right now, meeting in person is much trickier than it used to be, but that shouldn’t deter you from meeting with them. Amazing alternatives are meeting them online through online conferences, online meetings, and webinars. The key to a successful business relationship is by closing the distance between whether it’s through in-person events or over the internet. 

Excellent Communication

You don’t want a partnership where everyone just does their own thing but no one communicates intimately with one another.

You want to have a partnership that allows you to communicate directly and intimately with your lead generation team. Allow them to send you weekly data or even daily if it’s feasible for them. It’s much better to receive quantitative information as much as you can rather than no data at all. Your lead generation team should become an extension of you and your business, almost as if they are part of your business themselves. 

Multichannel Expertise

Expertise in using multichannel strategies when doing lead generation puts you heaps ahead of your competition. When you combine this with your sales and marketing strategies, it will make pursuing high-quality accounts much easier. So, be sure that your lead generation team knows the ins and outs of producing excellent content for all your channels. This will allow your team to develop great relationships and close sales all while giving your prospects a great experience. 

Top-of-the-Line Customer Service

Last but not least, aim to give your customers nothing but the best customer service experience. Whether they’re in the early stages of their buying journey or are already a loyal customer, it’s important that you keep providing them with service that goes beyond what they expect. So, taking the initiative to come up with fresh, new strategies, and content to keep things fresh is of utmost importance. 

Customer service goes beyond just offering help when your customers need it, but it’s also in the many little initiatives that you take to reach out, offer them solutions to their problems, providing educational and fun content that keeps them on their toes. 


The next time you’re in the process of hiring a lead generation team, keep these goals in mind and make sure that you’re both on the same page. It’s important that both of you are moving towards the same goals in order for your journey to be a smooth one.