The Top Marketing Channels B2B Companies Should Focus On

The Top Marketing Channels B2B Companies Should Focus On

There is no shortage of potential leads for your organization.

The only challenge that we have as marketers is looking in the right places.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the marketing channels you could miss out on, and others that have prospects that are ripe for the picking.

Multichannel Email Campaigns

Email has been a top medium of choice for many marketers because people are familiar with it. However, using email alone to run a campaign won’t get you very far.

The technique with email is to ensure that it’s a part of a grander multichannel strategy that uses a mixture of social networks and other touchpoints to get to your prospect.

Be warned.

Email is a highly profitable channel but it’s also competitive. You need to stand out from the rest and make sure that each piece of communication is personalized and that your messaging resonates with your clients.

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B2B Influencers

Do you want to gain traction within a particular niche quickly?

Then, B2B influencers are the way to go.

B2B influencers or thought leaders are people that have a large following because of the value that they provide their audience.

You can collaborate with them, hire them, and even get them to endorse your product or services, and immediately have access to the entirety of their viewer base.

They’re growing in popularity because they provide another layer of social proof that your product or service works well.

The B2B influencers that you want on your team should be popular on LinkedIn.


If you’re not doing any lead generation on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a huge slice of your potential market.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform in the world. It has 740 million active users!

The reason we like LinkedIn so much is the fact that people who use the platform are already there in a professional capacity, so they’re already expecting to be pitched or marketed to.

Now the way you strategize your approach is up to you, we’ve seen active campaigns that have gotten startups off the ground and passive campaigns that have been set up to bring in leads while you sleep.

Another reason why LinkedIn is so powerful is because of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter, these powerful sub-platforms of LinkedIn allow you to take advantage of filters to use when you’re prospecting.


LinkedIn might be the largest social network for professionals, but when it comes to social networks in general, Facebook still holds the crown.

Now a lot – if not most – of your prospects are already on Facebook so it makes for a very viable channel to market in.

However, it’s not for every B2B industry.

We like Facebook for B2B because you can still use it as a channel to improve your brand recognition, remarket to your prospects via custom audience, and post content to.

If you know you can’t directly use it as a channel for lead generation, consider using it for lead nurturing and for content dissemination.

It’s such a powerful channel to go to waste.

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Google My Business

If you’re running a business that services local clients within an area, then you’ve got to be on Google My Business (GMB). A GMB result appears under the ads area on a Google search results page, and it comes with a map to the establishment along with a phone number.

Optimizing GMBs has become a whole new niche in the SEO world for good reason. It does wonders for your visibility and allows you to connect with local clients quickly.

The one thing that’s great about people who click on these listings is that they already have buyer intent. This means that they’re already convinced and just want to know if you’re the company for the job.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is still a critical factor in bringing in passive leads through your website. As long as people use search engines, getting your website optimized to appear first is still going to be a priority for a lot of organizations.

However, SEO is still a specialist field.

You need to have the right people in place to help you achieve results.


Don’t miss out on the people that have visited your site.

Retargeting allows you to be efficient with your marketing resources by increasing brand awareness and reminding people that you have a great offer for them.

We like it because it subtly reminds people you’re there.

Combine Phone, Email, Social, Web, Chat and more

These involve specialist lead generation firms – like Callbox – to help you generate and nurture leads to your pipeline.

The beauty of this channel is that most of the lead generation is DFY or Done For You, so you can focus on closing sales and innovating with your products. This method is advisable for companies who want to scale quickly or don’t have the resources to maintain a lead generation team. Identifying proper channels and qualifying your leads is one of the most critical parts of the lead generation process. If you’re experiencing a decline in the number of people that you can market to, it could be because you’re looking in the wrong places.