Ways Hong Kong Companies Can Generate Sales Leads in Asia

Ways Hong Kong Companies Can Generate Sales Leads in Asia

B2B business development is all about getting the next client. Having a business but no clients it’s like having a sports car without an engine; it’ll just sit there and look pretty, but you’ll never be able to take it for a ride. However, generating qualified leads isn’t known for being an easy feat either. This rings especially true for marketing in Asia as it is complex, dynamic, and challenging compared to other regions in the world. 

If you’re doing or planning on doing B2B lead generation in Asia, specifically as a company based in Hong Kong, here are some great lead generation strategies to follow.

Prioritize leads by scoring

You can implement a Lead Scoring mechanism that gives a score to leads based on their lead source. This is so you can prioritize the lead sources that usually have a higher conversion to revenue. Other scoring criteria include email opens, clicks, and engagement across touchpoints. 

The score of each lead changes along with your nurturing process. What’s important here is to strategically plan when and how you’re going to interact with the leads based on their scores.

Nurture Leads with CRM

A large percentage of business buyers in Hong Kong say that they want to enjoy the same experience as they are buying for themselves. They want companies to engage with them as a person rather than treating them as mere numbers in order to make a sale. 

Having a proper CRM system is going to allow you to gather, store, analyze, and track lead information. It will help you personalize their customer experience with you and show that you care about them and their business.

Social Media Channels

LinkedIn is by far the most effective B2B social media platform that can be used to generate leads. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more are also where today’s business buyers are also hanging out. This social group includes many of your customers and prospects. So, this makes it apparent that businesses nowadays cannot afford not having any form of social media presence.

In China, business often takes place completely over the popular WeChat mobile messaging platform. Although companies might not be able to accomplish the same level of automation on WeChat as with the more commonly used ones, by working with third-party agencies, you can gain enhanced functions such as your chatbots, auto-reply, or segmented push messaged which can help you create more customized lead nurturing process. 

Engage with Good Content

Compelling content always plays a huge role in generating B2B leads. This also includes the tools that you’re using such as your website, SERP and social platforms. Content marketing presents a great opportunity to create relationships and trust between your brand and your prospects as well as educate them on your services and products. 

The key here is in thinking about the type of content that your audience will like and are interested in rather than your own personal gain. If you adopt this mindset to your content marketing strategy in order to create more valuable content will not only boost your lead generation rates but also improve the quality of the leads that you attract. 


When reaching out to your Asian customers, it pays to be more empathetic in your marketing approach. Instead of forcing all the latest marketing techniques and contents onto your customers, focus more on how it can enhance their customer journey first. Eventually, it will result in business profitability.

With its complex culture and language barrier, it’s important for businesses to consider working with an experienced business partner who can help you achieve your marketing goals faster and more efficiently.