Answering Quora: Who are the best B2B (IT services) Lead Generation agencies in Asia?

Answering Quora Who are the best B2B (IT services) Lead Generation agencies in Asia

We all know that there are over a hundred lead generation companies all over Asia Pacific. The journey of finding the one that fits your company’s needs can be a bit of a challenge.

One Quora member would like to consider outsourcing their lead generation campaign and is asking,

“Who are the best B2B (IT Services) lead generation agencies in Asia?” on

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Top 5 lead generation companies in Singapore

#1. Notable

Notable promotes businesses to decision makers of your target industry. The good thing about them is, you don’t get to pay a penny until you get to talk or meet with decision makers who are actively interested in your service.

#2. Callbox Singapore

For 14 years, they managed to provide business opportunities to their clients not only in Singapore but all over Asia Pacific, US and Canada making it easier for their Singaporean clients to grow their business. See more of Callbox awards and recognition.

#3. iSmart Communications Pte Ltd

iSmart Communications specializes in B2B lead generation for IT and telecom companies in Singapore, Asia, and China. They have helped their clients generate more sales leads to achieve their sales goals.

#4. Business Marketing Singapore

Business Marketing Singapore specializes in a B2B lead generation, Appointment setting, and Lead Management and Nurturing. Through the years, they provide qualified B2B sales leads to their clients through multi-channel marketing.

#5. Lead Generation Singapore

Lead Generation Singapore focuses on bringing the right customers for your business. They provide online marketing and lead generation to organizations that are looking to expand their marketing to the web.

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Top 5 lead generation companies in Malaysia

#1. Callbox Malaysia

With almost 14 years of experience in lead management and nurturing, Callbox Malaysia managed to provide qualified and sales-ready leads and appointments to their clients using their multi touch-multi channel marketing approach.

#2. Callmark Solutions

Callmark Solutions offer inbound and outbound call service. They’ve helped their clients by building an accurate list using their existing database, profile the prospects before picking up the phone to understand their problems and pain points, make the first contact and book appointments with key decision makers who have a genuine interest in their client’s products and services.

#3. Wave Evolution

Wave Evolution is a lead generation service provider. They help businesses by supplying a steady source of leads to their sales team in a short period of time.

#4. Star Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd

Start Solutions offer both inbound and outbound telemarketing services with proven track record in exceeding KPIs for their clients across Asia-Pacific.

#5. Grow IT Marketing

Grow IT Marketing is an online marketing company in Malaysia that specializes in the lead generation and conversion tools that can help deliver a high return on your investment.

As an IT company with different technical terms, when looking for a B2B IT lead generation company, here are some of the good qualities for you to look for.

  • Needs to understand what type of leads you want in order to find and deliver only qualified IT leads for your business.
  • Knows how to use or create social media campaign and implement it as part of their marketing strategies.
  • Is knowledgeable of some of the technical terms used by IT people to be able to discuss your services and deliver the message clearly.
  • Knows when is the right time to build and to nurture relationships with every prospect they come across with.

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  • Provide a realistic outcome and guarantees quality results based on what is agreed upon.

Finding a lead generation partner to provide you with quality leads is important. Thorough research is needed to find the best agency that fits your company’s needs. So make sure to look for an experienced IT leads Generation Company in your area to prevent your company from wasting time and money on your next lead generation campaign.

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