SG FinTech SaaS Firm Grows ARR by $785K with Account-based Marketing

The Client is a Singapore-based FinTech company. They develop and maintain cloud-based platforms that facilitate a supply chain financing transaction. Their primary targets are enterprise-level businesses in various industries throughout Southeast Asia. Last year, the Client has reached out to Callbox to help them start implementing an ABM program to help them identify high-priority accounts. 

At the time of writing this case study and by the partnership on both ends, the campaign has now successfully completed 10 months of appointment setting activities and is well on its way to its 11th month. The campaign has currently recorded results beyond their expectations such as 37% decision maker reach rate, 29% open rate, 5% CTR, 8% reply rate, 42% InMail reply rates, and a total of 92 new connections.


Author Bio:

Katrina Chua

Katrina works as the Marketing Manager at Callbox Singapore. She helps companies in Asia Pacific countries increase their business revenue through lead generation and appointment setting services. Follow Katrina on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.