To Get Sales Leads, Think Like Sales Leads


It can be difficult to generate sales leads, especially if you have no idea what really is running inside the minds of your target prospects. This can be a problem in your lead generation campaign. You might end up wasting all your time and effort, so you should be more aware of what you should be doing. Anyway, the key point you need to remember would be how to engage and research on your market better. And there are at least three ways to go around that. These are:

  1. Knowing your target persona – this is basically the ideal customer. To identify who your prospects are, it pays to conduct a comprehensive market research survey. It could be done in many forms, like social media or telemarketing. It will only depend on what exactly you need.
  2. Knowing what your prospect will want – this is basically what Steve Jobs did when he introduced the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the like. These items were not yet in the consciousness of his customers, but because he positioned himself before the need became clear, Apple got a sales advantage.
  3. Knowing the biggest players– sure, you should extend your net wide, but you must know where the biggest fishes are. You cannot just spend time, money, and effort to get everyone. Know who are the biggest buyers, and you will get it right.

Keep these tips in mind, and your appointment setting efforts will be more successful in generating B2B leads. It is that simple.