Abusing SEO Techniques

There is no such thing as a perfectly optimized page or site. There are going to be instances where some SEO techniques are not viable because of the site’s construction or programming. Search engines don’t want the perfect SEO’d site — they are more interested in what pages best fit the search by the users.

If some of your page elements, such as your title tag and links, have the exact same text, your site could possibly be in trouble, because it looks like you are trying to manipulate the search engines. Not only do you have to consider your site’s elements, but you must also consider your inbound links as well. If all your inbound links have the exact same text, this may also look like you’re trying to inflate your link popularity. This can have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings and your overall search engine marketing campaign. To remedy this, try to mix things up a bit. It’s best to come up with different variations of your text and link text that you can use interchangeably.

There are also words you should try to avoid using in search engine optimization. Some of the words are very common words that are related to spam or just don’t have the weight they used to, which may make search engines feel that the content is not of the highest quality. Some of these words are Link Exchange, Add URL, Forums, Link Partners, etc. You should also try avoiding naming your pages with these words, e.g. links.html, forums.html, etc.

Natural Appearance
Overusing SEO techniques may also flag your site as spammy and may de-weight your site. Looking at it from a search engine’s perspective, if you are using every single technique in SEO, this can be detected because your site matches too closely to the quality marks. The goal in optimizing your site is to try and match the all the quality signs that search engines look for, but not to match them exactly.

It is best that you try to make your site appear as natural as possible rather than being optimized to the max, which it makes your site look unnatural. When creating and optimizing your site, whether you’re doing it in-house or hired SEO services, keep your users in mind. It is also helpful to ask yourself this question, “If I didn’t own the site, would I still visit it on a daily basis?”