Anne Hathaway And Les Miserables: Lead Generation Lessons Gleaned

Watching Les Miserables a couple of weeks ago is a good reason for me to forget almost all the details about it. But, if I am to recall that one truly memorable scene, then it has to be that of Anne Hathaway’s performance as the tragic Fantine. Sure, her role is pretty short in the film, but her performance has been seared indelibly in my mind. That is what I call impressive. And that is also something that you can use in your lead generation planning. Keep in mind; you do not have to advertise much to generate sales leads. It is possible if you know the key.

That key is your performance. Like in Hathaway’s performance, it has to be striking, bold, as well as strong. Yes, it is short, but the goal has been achieved – the audience has been captured. And you can emulate that as well. Basically speaking, you need to perform at your best, no matter what stage you are in your B2B leads generation. Even if you are just starting in your appointment setting campaign, or in the middle of your telemarketing attempts, you need to be doing it like it is your last. Bring out your best performance, and you will gradually see the results coming in.

Just remember that you are in the business of generating sales leads, where it takes time to engage prospects and get the B2B leads you want. Still, if you just give your best, you can be like Hathaway. You can create that one shining moment for your business.