Breaking The Bad News To Telemarketing Clients In Singapore

Breaking The Bad News To Telemarketing Clients In Singapore

Among the most stressful tasks that you have to do in your telemarketing campaign is reporting bad news to your clients. And that is the one thing many entrepreneurs pray they never do. But that is also the one thing that they have to do well, for the sake of their business and future in generating B2B leads. Pull it off badly, and you can say good-bye to your clients, and the bad press can make it harder for your appointment setting team to generate sales leads anymore. So, you need to know where to start, and how you can deliver the news softly.


Acknowledge the impact – your clients have deadlines, too, so you have to address that as well. Telling them that you understand the issue will tell your clients that they are still your first priority. From there, frame your conversation around reaching their goals.

Be direct and honest – go straight to the point. Beating around the bush not only delays the conversation, but will also irritate your clients as well. Show them that you are taking responsibility and that you are trying to minimize the damage.

Provide a solution – before you tell the client the problem, have a solution at the ready. In this way, you can show them that you can be trusted to solve the issue, gaining you credibility.


Still, it pays to be sure that problems do not arise in the first place. For the sake of your lead generation campaign in the future, you should be able to deliver what you promise.