Choosing Data for IT Telemarketing Campaigns

by: Rich Bendall

For businesses carrying out an IT telemarketing campaign a key part in its success or failure is the quality of the data being used. Despite this many companies still treat data as an afterthought rather than as a key part of their strategy.

When selecting data, businesses have the choice of either building their own list or buying existing content. Building data means carrying out your own research to create a bespoke database of contacts for your IT telemarketing campaign. If you don’t want to perform your own research then you have the option to rent the data from a third party company. Find your list and have the same company do your telemarketing for IT services as well. Both options have their own benefits and drawbacks.

When deciding whether to buy or build there are several things you should consider. In many cases the person you need to contact within an organization will depend on the campaign you are running. If you need to reach a specific person you need to be sure that any data you buy is sufficiently well targeted. Some data providers will just provide a very general contact for each organization and more tailored information may not be available. In this case you may have no other option than to build your own data.

Generally building your own bespoke IT telemarketing database will tend to be a more expensive process than simply buying from a third party. However if from this targeted data you are able to generate a higher number of sales then clearly this can be seen as the more cost effective option. As a compromise many businesses choose to combine the two options. That is they rent data which they then qualify themselves through their own research.

In summary the more niche and targeted your telemarketing for IT and Software campaign needs to be,the more value you will get from generating your own database of contacts.