Creativity Vs. Big Data – Which Brings In More Sales Leads?

It seems that these days, lead generation specialists are divided between two aspects of marketing: big data and creativity. And while you might say that this is a moot point, you did not hear advertising veteran John Hagerty, founder of Bartle, Bogle, and Hegarty; argue with Bob Greenberg, founder and CEO of R/VGA during a recent “Wired Global Conversation” panel discussion. Both sides have valid points, but it seems like a divide is being made, which spells bad for sales leads generation.

To talk about creativity, we should refer to the likes of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and probably Zig Ziglar. These people have this innate or intuitive talent in getting the attention of people, and cashing in on the attention bestowed upon them. And they do that in the most beautiful and presentable manner, something that borders on genius. But they seem to be lacking, no?

When we talk about big data, hands down it is Mark Zuckerberg. This man used the sheer volume of data they collected in their websites, convert that into buying patterns and provide these patterns to companies who wish to get a sizable market share or substantial B2B leads. The results are, well, still in need of refining. Facebook’s targeted marketing efforts seem to be a bit disappointing for its users.

Personally, both are needed to function. You need someone creative to handle appointment setting efforts since it needs to attract the attention of prospects. You also need to use big data, in order to identify the right business prospects and craft the right marketing message to them – plain and simple.



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